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Hideo Itami was one of WWE’s first major signings in the recent raid of talent over the past few years. People forget how huge it was to get the former NOAH & ROH star in 2014. To no fault of his own though, the former Kenta missed the golden years of NXT; think about some of the matchups he could have had there to kick start his career. Sustained feuds with Finn, Sami, Joe, Nakamura: instead, he spent most of the time healing up from major injury. It sucks, but it is a part of wrestling. There is no denying his two major injuries cost him.

Now on the main roster, WWE doesn’t really have a clue to book him with his momentum stalled so significantly. Hyped as a centrepiece of 205 Live for a while, he already took a clean loss to Roderick Strong in the first round of their 16 man tournament. Oh, and his most recognizable move was taken away from him. Being a fan of Hideo, it sucks to see. Would it be surprising to anyone to see him go back to Japan after his contract is done?

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