#4 - Bray Wyatt

Prince Gill

Prince: His character was birthed in NXT, where The Wyatt Family were a real breath of fresh air. Bray was a monstrous cult leader flanked by two lumbering behemoths. The promos were fresh, his aura was intoxicating, and the trio felt like a legitimate threat, tearing through NXT’s ranks with relative ease.

This carried through to the group’s first few months on the main roster, but was gradually eradicated during destructive feuds like Bray’s with John Cena. Now, that menace is gone forever.

So how did Bray Wyatt get here? Well the answer is simple: bad booking. Even after feuding with “The Demon” Finn Balor and “Woken” Matt Hardy – two feuds considered to be two dream feuds - where does Wyatt go from here? I have no clue. It’s crazy to think that a year ago he was WWE Champion, and that his best main roster story-line was with Randy Orton.

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When a Promotion Isn’t a Promotion: NXT’s Greatest Disappointments
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Spencer Love

Once stood in front of Cedric Alexander in line at a hotel. Slightly big deal.

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