I don’t care about your weekend - because I got to spend mine in Calgary watching WWE Live. That, and losing badly at the blackjack table.

Live events tend to be a testing ground for potential feuds and to familiarize performers with each other before TV tapings and PPV’s, but it wasn’t the case this weekend. The prolongation of various feuds didn’t give any hint of what may be coming for Wrestlemania, though I keep holding out hope for a surprise Tamina return to RAW for a Triple Threat title match at Wrestlemania. Not much was revealed on Saturday, but tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW may provide better insight.


I mean, at least her shirt knows what it is.

A Quick Recap

  • Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt - Reigns qualifies for EC
  • Finn Balor and Karl Anderson def. The Revival
  • Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander def. Tony Nese/Drew Gulak
  • Asuka def. Bayley
  • The Miz def. Apollo Crews - Miz qualifies for EC
  • The Bar (C.) def. Rollins and Reigns - retain RAW Tag Team Titles
  • Nia Jax def. 17 year old high schooler - reminds me of high school and depresses me
  • Mickie James def. Sonya Deville
  • Elias def. Braun Strowman and John Cena

This Week’s Predictions

Sometimes, I hate writing this article. The vast majority of the time, the article is released only to have WWE announce matches for that evening’s show. Thus far, these are the announced matches:

  • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
  • Fatal 4 Way “Second Chance” EC Qualification Match - Finn Balor v. Bray Wyatt v. Apollo Crews v. Matt Hardy

The Fatal 4 Way is a near foregone conclusion - WWE may have spoiled it themselves. Logically, Wyatt and “Drunk Uncle” Matt Hardy will nullify eachother, and Apollo Crews will follow Apollo 1’s lead and burn inside the cockpit, losing the match. Plus, it would be a real treat to see Balor inside the Chamber; possibly eliminating the Intercontinental Champion. Or, Apollo Crews could win. Who knows?

Sasha Banks & Bayley’s matchup is a bit more interesting. Last time The Hugger was in her hometown, she had her proverbial ass handed to her and was thoroughly embarassed in front of lifelong friends and family. Welcome home, nerd! Both Banks and Bayley are in the Women’s Elimination Chamber, alongside Mickie James, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, and defending champion Alexa Bliss. Women’s Royal Rumble winner Asuka has yet to declare who she’s challenging at WrestleMania, but it seems likely she’ll be taking on Bliss - both are on RAW, and it’s a fairly one sided match (unless Nia Jax gets involved - more on that later). Where does that leave the Boss and the Hugger leading into Wrestlemania? Rumour has it that they may face off at the Show of Shows, something few will complain about.

Bliss is proactively preparing for what may be coming; she saved her former friend Mickie James from a beatdown by Absolution last week. Where could that be going?

Speaking of former friends, Seth Rollins was screwed over by his former tag partner, Jason Jordan, and the defeat at the hands of DA BAR has disqualified him from challenging for the RAW Tag Team Titles, so long as Cesaro and Sheamus remain champions. What a bummer. I was looking forward to a lengthy feud between the two teams.


Hahaha, good one Hayden.

Again, leaning into the rumour mill bears some weight. A slated match for the Grandaddy of them All (not Hulk Hogan, sorry brother) was between Rollins and the Son of Angle, Jason Jordan; however, but complications with Jordan’s neck seem to have shelved plans. What could be next for Rollins? Hopefully winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. Damn, even a Rollins/Strowman match would be a barnburner. So long as Rollins doesn’t burn it down.

Yep. Tumblr

That’s it from me - but what do you think? Let us know in the comment section or by tweeting us at @WCSportsCA, and as always, thank’s for reading! See you next week!

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Monday Night Hayden - 12/02/18 RAW Preview
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