EDMONTON, AB: One of Western Canada’s most dominant champions will take on an Albertan wrestling prodigy at - where else? - December 14th’s Clandestine Society show.

The WCSN can confirm that Michael Allen Richard Clark will take on 2nd-generation star Son of Irish at what’s becoming one of the most highly-anticipated events in Albertan wrestling history.

“I hear he gets crazy - but he skips all the basics,” commented Clark to the WCSN. “So, I’m going to take him back to basics with some pushups, and add some mass to him when I do them on him.”

“Me, skipping the basics M.A.R.C? That’s funny because I believe every single one of my matches makes sense!” responded Son of Irish in a statement to the WCSN. “I’ll show you the basics on December 14th, so you better be prepared to have the fight of your life!”

“I may be crazy, (and) I may be small, but I am the Son of Irish!”

The match joins both the Nicole Matthews/Zoë Sager battle and the triple threat between Michael Richard Blais, Brandon Van Danielson and Artemis Spencer on the Clandestine Society’s inaugural card.

To call Clark one of the most dominant wrestlers in the country is, frankly, nearly doing him a disservice. There are few who combine world-class athleticism with unrelenting ring savvy like the former Team Flex Appeal star, and he’s used it to full effect in capturing championships across both Alberta and Saskatchewa. There’s a reason that Clark was the single Saskatchewan-based star at the recent Canadian WWE tryouts; even the biggest promotion in the world understands exactly what he brings to the table.

Conversely, what Son of Irish lacks in experience, he more than makes up for it with his true willingness to risk everything in the pursuit of victory. There truly isn’t anyone on the Albertan independent scene today that’s as willing to put not only their body on the line as Son of Irish. However, that’s not to say that he’s simply a high-flyer; after years of training with legendary Albertan star The Irishman, it’s clear that Son of Irish has not only picked up his father’s penchant for violence but his incredible in-ring awareness. To put it bluntly, Son of Irish is to professional wrestling what a duck is to water: simply a natural.

The Clark/Son of Irish tilt is yet another that Albertan fans truly wouldn’t get anywhere else, proving that the promotion’s promise of “no storylines, no companies, just wrestling” isn’t just a tagline.

Score your invite if you can, folks: this is truly shaping up to be a can’t-miss event.

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