EDMONTON, AB: It appears as though another long-time Monster Pro Wrestling talent has departed the promotion.

We can confirm that former MPW Ripper Challenge Champion “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins has left the promotion following their last Edmonton event, MPW Riptribution 12.

“People have forgotten what I’m capable of in Edmonton, my home,” said Dawkins in a quote obtained by the WCSN. “I am NOT a mascot. I am NOT your filler match. I am the freaking Cheetahbear. And you just poked the bear.”

“Edmonton will once again be Cheetahbear Country.”

Prior to his departure, “The Cheetahbear” had become one of the most popular stars in all of Monster Pro Wrestling. Since debuting for the promotion in 2017, Dawkins’ unique blend of athleticism and unbridled passion endeared him to the MPW faithful in a way few had before. In his final match with the promotion, Dawkins teamed with Lumberjack Larry Woods against Mitch Clarke and Massive Damage in a tilt that would eventually be ruled a double disqualification.

The departure marks the third major star to leave the promotion over the past month. In late October, former MPW Heavyweight Champion Shaun Martens was confirmed to have left the promotion to join Real Canadian Wrestling, while fan favourite Taryn from Accounting announced her departure for Force Pro Wrestling late last week. However, in this case, it appears as though Dawkins is set to become one of the hottest free agents in Alberta, with only a series of commitments to Canadian Wrestling’s Elite announced.

Of course, with the Cheetahbear now on the market, let the speculation begin as to where he shows up next.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for any further developments.

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BREAKING: “The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins Departs Monster Pro Wrestling

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