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On this week’s episode, tune in for an exclusive interview with everyone’s favourite women’s wrestler in BC, “The Vixen” Jade! In her second appearance on the podcast, find out more about the Vixen’s last few months in pro wrestling, including:

  • Her appearances for Dotonbori Pro Wrestling
  • The differences between wrestling in Japan and North America
  • Participating in the Super Evil Bloody Death Hell Elimination Tournament 18
  • The perception of hardcore wrestlers
  • The all women’s tournament to crown the BC Interior Champion
  • A potential all women’s promotion in British Columbia
  • How the Women’s Revolution has affected the independent scene
  • Wrestling for the CWE
  • The most surprising part of being in Japan

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Conversations With Love 42: A Conversation With “The Vixen” Jade

On the differences between wrestling in Japan and North America:

“Well, (the) huge one obviously is the language barrier. So that’s interesting. I mean, a lot of people there, they do speak English and they joke, “Oh, bad English, bad English,” just like trust me, my Japanese is nothing. Compared to me, you guys are awesome. But yeah, it was a huge adjustment. I mean there’s that stigma or stereotype, I guess, that Japanese wrestling is quite strong style, and I will say, yeah, it’s pretty intense. Just speaking for myself and the women that I wrestled when I was there, it was definitely pushing me to my limits. It was amazing though. I was so thankful to have the opportunity and the women that I wrestled there, they’re absolutely phenomenal and I learned a lot. Even if the language barrier was a thing, and just the way that they do certain moves and what they call certain moves. But yeah, it was phenomenal. I can’t wait to go back.”

“Before my first show, I was told don’t be discouraged or anything if the crowd is really quiet because it doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying what they’re watching. They’re just much more respectful in that way. So they’re very quiet. They clap politely when you do something cool, you know, they like it, but then they’re quiet again and they’re watching them. There’s not really any heckling or anything like that. Like, maybe I’m sure in some promotions or in some places, but where I wrestled, it was much more respectful in the crowd, just kind of sat and watched and reacted to the big things, but otherwise, they’re just paying very close attention. And it was very different, cause usually, you know, usually I’m screaming at the crowd, heckling at the kids in the front row, or clapping my hands, trying to get people into it. And it was very different.”

Becoming the first female to wrestle in the Super Evil Bloody Death Hell Elimination Tournament:

“Thrash Wrestling is known for sometimes its hardcore bloody matches, but Super Evil is the one time of year where the devil comes out to play. And there’s been some intense moments over the years and we have a trophy that the winner gets at the end of every tournament and that trophy has been destroyed and rebuilt. There’s always shenanigans going on. So, it’s intense. I mean, we’ve also got this year for the first time Vince Austin is coming out from Alberta, which is really cool.”

“There have been women, like I’ve wrestled at Super Evil before, but not actually in the tournament. And other women have wrestled at the show as well, but I’m the first woman to actually be in the tournament. I’m in a gauntlet match and the winner of that match gets to go to the semifinals for the tournament. So I’m super, super excited, yeah.”

On the perceptions that come with being a hardcore wrestler:

“I think for me doing a hardcore match or getting bloody or doing those things, those are things that I personally don’t like doing all the time, because it does kind of discredit my ability, right, and other people’s ability. And I think, every time you go out into the ring if you get split open, (and) you’re gushing blood everywhere, well, it’s kind of like, “well, whatever,” right. Or, having a garbage match where you’re throwing chairs at each other constantly, I can see why people would be like, “that’s not wrestling,” you know. But, if you do it sometimes, and if you do it in the right place in the right time - like, that’s why Thrash does Super Evil once a year. This is our chance to do these kinds of matches. And then we go back to a more traditional style and we kind of get it out of our system and then show everybody, “okay, we’re normal again.”

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Conversations With Love 42: A Conversation With “The Vixen” Jade

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