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This week, your host Spencer Love chats with one of the premier referees in Alberta, Houston Moore! Tune in and get the details on Houston’s time in professional wrestling, including:

  • Refereeing his first shows
  • Growing up as a second-generation wrestler
  • When he first learned to take a bump
  • The importance of “think shoot, then work”
  • Realism in wrestling
  • Shooting finishes
  • Receiving advice from Hurricane Helms

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Conversations With Love 41: A Conversation With Houston Moore

On the rebirth of Force Pro Wrestling:

“It’s been really weird, because my first refereeing - like, the first time I refereed, I refereed two shows back-to-back. Like, full shows at 14 for Force Pro Wrestling. So it’s been weird to come back to like where I legitimately had my start.”

Growing up as a second-generation wrestler:

“Anyone who doesn’t know, my father’s Ivan Thomson, Tex Gaines. So, for anyone who doesn’t know, that means second-generation wrestlers, which is like just a fancy term for people who have like legitimately grown up in the business of wrestling. So, that gives you like certain liberties to be able to play in a ring when you’re four because that’s like a jungle gym to like us kids that like we’re around it.”

“Once you become like a “normal child” air quotes, you start noticing like very small differences. For example, like I always like one thing always stuck in my head is in kindergarten like when you’re playing on the playground, I’d see kids fall and I’d be like “meh”. Falling was such a natural thing.”

What inspired him to be a referee:

“It was just whatever fit; anyone who hasn’t seen a picture, I’m a skinny, scrawny boy. I legitimately am, so there was no point until being 20 now that I could look like I could stand up to someone. The whole thought process of like, “think shoot, then work” was like “yeah, I could legit wrestle you.”

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Conversations With Love 41: A Conversation With Houston Moore

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