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On this week’s episode, tune in for the first-ever interview with “The Asian Assassin” Kato! Listen in as the brand-new addition to Force Pro Wrestling chats about his career in professional wrestling, including:

  • How he broke into the business
  • What surprised him most about stepping inside the ring
  • The importance of passing his knowledge onto the next generation of wrestlers
  • Longevity in wrestling
  • What he prides himself on in pro wrestling
  • How the wrestling scene in Alberta has changed
  • Starting his career as Hung Lo
  • Wrestling as the Nightmare
  • His goals in pro wrestling

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Conversations With Love 43: A Conversation With Kato

On working with the Cats Meow:

“I think a lot of people in that group, they understand you have to have an interaction with the fans. It’s not just the steps. From what I’ve seen, Blake Kannon gets so much heat. I’m so proud of him for that. I hate to say it, he’s one of those guys that I thought ‘I don’t know about this guy. Does he really have what it takes?’ And then he’s just blowing my mind away at every show. Same with Nate (Nixon). People are thoroughly disgusted with him, and we take a certain pride on that as well.”


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Conversations With Love 43: A Conversation With Kato

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