A weekly television program like Monday Night RAW is a double edged sword. On one hand, seven days between broadcasts makes it hard to keep interest in a sometimes-stale product. On the other hand, you get a week of peace and quiet to build anticipation for your next show, even if the anticipation comes from outside sources. WWE has bridged the gap between the two, and this week is no exception. Heading into the final RAW before Extreme Rules, I’m excited, even if for only for two reasons.

and (NSFW)

Now more than ever, I want a one-on-one rap session with Brock Lesnar. Maybe even just an hour sit down with the guy. I just need to hear more of this, anywhere.

Anyways, I’m Hayden Love with this week’s Monday Night Hayden!

Last Week’s Recap

  • Curtis Axel def. Matt Hardy
  • The Authors of Pain def. Titus Worldwide
  • Reigns & Rollins def. The Show (Ziggler & McIntyre) via DQ
  • Ember Moon def. Liv Morgan
  • Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley def. The Revival via DQ
  • Nia Jax def. Mickie James
  • Kevin Owens bullied into submission by Braun Strowman

This Week’s Preview

The conflicting inconsistencies between WWE’s PR and writing teams will always be lost on me, and the recent disagreements between Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman provide the perfect example. Utilizing your public platform to push anti-bullying policies while producing a product including relentless bodyshaming and unbridled destruction seems like a contradiction, no? I guess within reason, shoving a shorter, stouter man than yourself into a porta-potty and pushing him from a stage doesn’t fall within the sphere of bullying or abuse of power.

That aside, the go-home segment of last week’s RAW was horses**t - and you can expect more of the same this week.

Bullying exists within the upper management of WWE as well. Recently appointed RAW authority figure Constable Baron Corbin has brutalized Finn Balor since Money in the Bank. That sonofabitch Baron Corbin and Balor have been disagreeing over a vague notion of time. Corbin suggests that his earlier arrival in WWE signifies his importance to the company, while Balor argues that his later contract signing was predicated on his gaining experience. While there is merit to both arguments, this still feels like an afterthought of a match. Something has got to heat this up, and quickly.

While it may be fun to shit all over Roman Reigns, the past two weeks have been rough for him. He’s been brutalized at the hands of The Revival, abandoned by Bobby Lashley and derided by his general manager. For weeks, Lashley and Reigns have butted heads, but never thrown hands. After suffering the embarrassment of abandonment at the hands of the Dominator last week, Reigns is surely out for revenge. Watch out, because it sure as heck could happen tonight!

The Women

It’s sad to see the almost absent level of interest in the Sasha Banks/Bayley program. Last week’s counselling session between the two did nothing to pique interest in both the women and the feud - in fact, it did just the opposite and moved it backwards, in my opinion. Heading into Summerslam this is sure to be a match high on the card, though whether it deserves it at this point is subject to debate.

On the other hand, Ember Moon picked up a clean win over Riott Squad member Liv Morgan last week. Dollars to donuts she fights Sarah Logan this week, followed by a post-match beatdown.

Champion’s Corner

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is probably kicking back and relaxing somewhere after a weekend of screaming at UFC fighters and having a devastating 6-hour morning blast. Seriously, I have to wonder what the first thought in Brock’s head is when he wakes up. He is a champion. The “Eagle Eye Smith” of WWE and various other sports. I look forward to his next appearance and bear no ill-will towards him. Hope to see you soon, Mr. Lesnar.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler continues to prepare for his match against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules. Guaranteed to be a show-stealer, both the Showoff and the Man have one more week to air their grievances amicably before kicking the shit out of each other. With his usual tag partner Roman Reigns pre-occupied this week, maybe Rollins will look to another former tag partner to help even the odds?

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is still set to defend her title against Nia Jax at Extreme Rules. This could very well be Bliss’ last week with her championship, as the Unstoppable Force has made clear. Both ladies vie for momentum tonight - every little bit helps.

RAW Tag Team Champions The Deleters of Worlds have made clear they won’t tolerate any more impressions from The B-Team. Though co-champion Bray Wyatt ran into a car just last week, another head-on collision awaits tonight as he reunites with Broken Matt Hardy to delete the team of Axel and Dallas.

That’s it from me; but what are your thoughts? Let me know on twitter and as always, see you next week!

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