NXT Preview - July 4, 2020

A return not seen since Shawn Michaels, John Cena or Triple H. I’m @Parkman15Love, back after a long hiatus from Win Column Sports. In my absence, NXT has rolled on, putting on a solid showing at TakeOver: Chicago, and with what seems like a promising build to Brooklyn coming up. What’s on tap tonight? Well, thankfully I have your spoiler free preview - only available on Win Column Sports!

A recap of last week, to help me get back into it.

  • Aleister Black comes to cut a promo about his win over Lars Sullivan, but is interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa, who claims he’s next in line for a shot at the NXT Championship.
  • Kona Reeves beats another jobber.
  • Candace LeRae defeats Lacey Evans. 
  • NXT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain‘s match never starts. The Undisputed Era takes out their opponents. Ricochet evens then odds.
  • The Undisputed Era defeats Moustache Mountain & Ricochet. 

Note: NXT is taped, so Spoilers are out there for tonight’s episode, but many readers choose not to read them. Click at your own risk. 

The Main Event

Johnny Gargano demanded one more shot at Tommaso Ciampa… but GM William Regal said it’d be best to stay away from the Sicilian Psychopath. So, he decided to do something we didn’t know he would do - give EC3 something to do.

NXT has a depth problem. We’re about to see a multi time Impact! World Champion in EC3 take on one of the best wrestlers in the world. Unfortunately, we’re getting it on a random episode of NXT with nearly no build, other than Gargano walking through a match of EC3. I never said they had a bad problem, but Jesus - this roster is deep.

Seriously, who thought we would see EC3 vs Johnny Wrestling in a WWE ring just a couple years ago? While the Top One Percenter isn’t the most exciting workers between the ropes, who has Johnny Wrestling had a bad match with? Expect a stellar match between the two, where I personally would love to see EC3 go over. Nonetheless, this should be one to tune into.

Other Segments

WWE.com’s official preview is wondering what’s next for Shayna Baszler in NXT. The women’s champion has looked great since her debut for the black-and-yellow brand, and it seems like she’s looking for new competition - even going as far as being backstage at RAW. There’s still some extremely talented women in the wings in developmental, and any one of Candace LeRae, Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane could quickly become #1 contender. I still believe Sane is the one to take on the Queen of Spades. There’s only one match that could decide this though…

See, it’s funny because Hayden kept wanting a monster truck match in his RAW Preview so now i’m saying the same thing about the monster truck match. If you don’t get this, please go read the most recent edition of Monday Night Hayden and then come back here and slightly chuckle. WCW

The Mighty and Heavy Machinery are still feuding for reasons beyond me. Shane Thorne and Nick Miller are clearly better as heels, but can anyone convince me that Heavy Machinery is worth watching?

The aforementioned Kairi Sane is in action as well this episode, as she takes on Vanessa Bourne. In a perfect world, we see Sane start to string together some wins here in order to get to a Mae Young Classic finals rematch. However, I’m not in charge of one of the best wrestling promotions in the world, unfortunately.

Finally, Velveteen Dream is in action tonight against a personal favourite, Chris Dijak. After tough losses at both TakeOver: Chicago & the UK Special, Dream could use a win here. As much as I like Dijak, I doubt he’s going over one of the hottest stars in NXT.

The Championship Scene

With one of the best high knee’s in recent memory, and a victory over Moustache Mountain, it seems that Undisputed Era are sticking around the tag team title picture. With two fantastic matches at the UK Tournament, I will not complain about more Undisputed Era vs Moustache Mountain. However, it seems that North American title holder Adam Cole has found his next challenger: Ricochet. That’s okay with me, I guess. They’re fine at wrestling.

I’ll also not complain about an Aleister Black - Tommaso Ciampa feud for the NXT Championship. After what I thought was an underwhelming feud between Black and Lars Sullivan, I would prefer a main event quality championship picture. Ciampa has been a highlight of NXT since returning, and is probably the best heel in WWE right now. Black’s title run could be improved upon in my opinion, and the Blackheart is the best person to turn too.

My Thoughts

  • Bask in his glory! Keith Lee made his debut at TakeOver: Chicago, and I am pumped. This guy could be a star for WWE, there’s truly nobody like him.
  • Speaking of debut’s, welcome to NXT, Io Shirai. 
  • I would like more War Raiders on my TV please.

That’s it folks! Will you be tuning in tonight? Agree or disagree with anything I said? Feel free to tweet myself personally @Parkman15Love, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading!

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NXT Preview - July 4, 2020
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