NXT Preview: December 27, 2020

The final NXT of 2017 comes to us tonight with what’s sure to be one hell of a main event. Before that, a quick recap of last weeks episode:

  • Lars Sullivan defeats Roderick Strong to qualify for the fatal 4-way #1 contenders match
  • Pete Dunne retains the UK Championship over Tyler Bate
  • Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) win the NXT Tag Team Championships by defeating SAniTy (Eric Young & Killian Dain)

As always, I’m your host Parker Love (Follow me @Parkman15Love!!), and… insert hilarious comment (I’m tight for time today). Shall we begin?

The Main Event

Finally, we’ll have a challenger to the NXT Champion Andrade Cien Almas. Tonight’s main event will be a fatal four way with some of the best workers in the company: Lars Sullivan vs Killian Dain vs Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano. Well the match should be fantastic, the story here will also be amazing. Yes, I said will. A win for either Black or Gargano sets up a rematch with Almas: Aleister beat him to begin his undefeated streak in NXT (Albeit under different circumstances for Almas), while losing two consecutive matches to Andrade began Johnny Wrestling’s losing streak. Will we see Aleister Black ascend to the title, or will we see Johnny Gargano have a chance at redemption?


I also wouldn’t complain about this. 

Killian Dain presents an interesting matchup to Almas. I don’t think many people thought that he was as good as he is before War Games, and then HOLY WAR GAMES HAPPENED. Few people would argue that Dain wasn’t the star of that match, and he seems primed to climb the ladder in NXT. *I mean this in the best way possible, but who thought that EY would be the weakest member of SAniTy? Wolfe, Dain and Cross have been fantastic thus far. By no means has Young been bad, but SAniTy has shown how stables should help all members. 

Sorry, Sawyer Fulton. Big Damo kicks ass.

As for Lars Sullivan, I just don’t think it’s his time yet. A fatal 4 way can easily protect him in a loss, while keeping his momentum going. He’s improving, but you know what happens to most wrestlers when they get pushed too fast.


Still not completely over #30. 

I would expect all members ganging up to take out Lars. Give him time to continue to improve, while destroying any jobbers that NXT can find locally.

If you’re asking for my humble opinion, I would pick either Aleister Black or Johnny Wrestling to go up against Almas. I think you could set up another monster vs monster program with Lars/Killian, and both Black and Gargano have built in stories with Almas. Plus, their matches were amazing. But this match is reason enough to tune in!

Other announced matches

WWE.com is reporting that NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon will be defending her title tonight against Absolution’s Sonya Deville. Sonya got her chance at this by pointing out that she wasn’t pinned during her qualifying match, and that worked due to the fact we need some time to kill before establishing Ember Moon’s next major feud. Don’t expect a title change here. However, we do know that Shayna Baszler is arriving soon - will there be another vignette for her coming tonight? Or will we be seeing her make her mark somehow?

I’m sure she’s still pumped about this. 

Also, while not reported by WWE, the Street Profits will be in action tonight against local talent, which all but ensures a competitive, long match to keep the fans interested. Also, they’re handing out red solo cups outside of Full Sail. Babyfaces in 2017 everyone!

The Title Scene

While Killian Dain competes for a chance at the NXT Championship, will we hear from Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe tonight? Perhaps their rematch will have a stipulation to limit interference from Adam Cole? 

Parker Love | wincolumnsports.ca

I had almost forgot!  

After their 3rd (and likely final) match, the UK Champion Pete Dunne may be due for some time off after pinning Tyler Bate. Will William Regal be setting up a match for him at Takeover: Philadelphia? Or will they be giving the UK Division a  break? I hope not, as I do love this division, but hopefully we find out tonight! I mean, if we could get these guys their own show sometime soon i’d be happy too!

As well, we are aware of the Men’s Championship situation. However, will the former La Sombra make his mark after the match by weakening his next opponent before January 27th?

Extra Thoughts

  • Again, why did they keep AOP off the main roster after losing War Games? Anyone? These guys could be having some amazing matches on either brand.
  • Will we be seeing TM61 on our TV’s anytime soon?
  • A certain Sicilian Psychopath is coming closer to closer to returning… And I. am. AMPED.
  • If rumours are true, will be seeing Ricochet in NXT in our next tapings?

Vince Russo is gonna love this guy.

That’s all from me folks! This should be a fantastic main event to begin the road to Takeover: Philadelphia in a few weeks. What matches do you hope to see? Will you be tuning in tonight? Let me know by tweeting me @Parkman15Love .

See you next week! 

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NXT Preview - December 27th, 2017
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