*UPDATE - 28/12/17 - 12:45pm*

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Paige has been removed from the remaining 2017 WWE Live dates as a precautionary measure. While WWE hasn’t confirmed the injury, many suspect that Paige sustained a “stinger”, which should mean she won’t miss time. We’ll continue to keep you updated as confirmed information comes in.

Footage of the moment Paige was injured can be found below:


*UPDATE - 27/12/17, 10:31pm*

According to both Dave Meltzer and Mick Foley, Paige is reportedly okay after an injury scare at tonight’s WWE live event in Long Island. WWE has yet to officially comment on the injury, which seems to be a good sign in this case.


27/12/17, 7:30pm

Paige was potentially injured at tonight’s WWE Live event in Long Island during a six-woman tag match, as her faction Absolution faced off against Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James. The injury was reportedly sustained after Sasha Banks kicked her in the shoulder.


While nothing has been confirmed, it’s encouraging to note the Anti-Diva was able to walk out of the ring on her own power. Stay tuned to WinColumnSports, and we’ll continue to keep you updated as the story develops, and we wish all the best to Paige.

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BREAKING: Paige Potentially Injured at WWE Live Event
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