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Today, I had the opportunity to chat with one of Major League Wrestling’s biggest stars, Richard Holliday of the Dynasty! Tune in as we chat with the most marketable man in professional wrestling about his life both inside and outside of professional wrestling, including:

  • How he’s handling the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Taking part in MLW’s Super Series
  • The impact events like the Super Series have on MLW as a brand
  • How he differentiates himself amongst the MLW roster
  • What drew him to Major League Wrestling
  • The status of the Carribian Championship as a recognized title
  • Working with Alex Hammerstone in the Dynasty
  • How MJF’s departure will affect the faction
  • Previous sports experience and its effect on his wrestling career
  • How Paul Roma taught him grit
  • What makes a great pro wrestling trainer

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Conversations With Love 77: A Conversation With Richard Holliday

The status of the Caribbean Championship:

RH: “Well, you know, my lawyer/my father is working diligently to get that approved by just drawing up the legal paperwork and everything necessary that needs to get done from a legal standpoint to make that championship recognized as legitimate. Of course, paperwork is just paperwork, ink is just ink. It is legitimate. I’m holding that championship. I’m making it the most talked-about championship in all of pro wrestling. It’s impossible for me to do an interview without the Caribbean Championship being mentioned. Now, let me ask you this: did you even know what the Caribbean Championship was prior to me holding it?”

SL: “Y’know, Richard Holliday, I like to pride myself on being a student of professional wrestling, and I have to say no, I did not know what the Caribbean Championship was.”

RH: “Of course you didn’t, but I’m sure you knew what the Major League Wrestling Heavyweight Championship was. No discredit to Hammerstone, I’m sure you know (what) the National Openweight Championship was, however he did elevate that championship to be something way bigger than anybody had imagined, defending internationally in Japan. Hammerstone is an absolute legend of the game in the making and I love him. But, the Caribbean Championship was obsolete, and now it is on the forefront of Major League Wrestling.”

How he differentiates himself amongst such a deep roster in MLW:

RH: “Well, I appreciate the sentiment that it is the most stacked roster, and I’m going to have to agree with you. The talent that we have is really second to none, and its based upon picking up talent from all over the country and really all over the world, both past and present to come together. How do I stand out? I think my work speaks for itself. I think the consumers understand that every time I’m on the screen it’s the ultimate consumer experience, every time I grab the microphone they shut up and listen, because they want to hear what the Air Pod God has to say. I have all the dynastic qualities that it takes to be number one in that company, to be the face of the brand, and speaking of my face, I would say that that’s a significant money maker for myself and for the company, just based upon the demographics that attract to me, which is all. So, it’s just a matter of living exactly what I say. If I say I’m the most marketable man in wrestling, well, I believe that and I am it.”

How Paul Roma taught him grit:

RH: “My training with Paul was second to none. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Paul just had that reputation in pro wrestling that I love. I really admire it, because he just doesn’t give a you-know-what. But, when he cares about somebody, he really cares about somebody, and me and Paul have a really strong relationship, and I value him in my life very much. He looked at me as somebody who could be one of the next big things in this sport. He gave me that kind of guidance that I needed. There’s a lot of Paul Roma in me, again subconsciously, when you see me within the ring.”

RH: “He was a very gritty guy. Paul was - well, his physique was second-to-none. He wasn’t the biggest guy in the land of the giants when he was there in the 80s, so for him to get the spots that he did and everything is really a testament to his grittiness, and obviously his athleticism. So, yeah. Paul gave me so much knowledge and so much wisdom. I couldn’t recommend him any more. If you live in the north-east and you want to be a pro wrestler, I would undoubtedly check out Paul Roma.”

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Conversations With Love 77: A Conversation With Richard Holliday

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