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Today I’m joined by one of the premier wrestlers of the Ontario independent scene, Holden Albright! Tune in as we chat with the five-year veteran about his time inside the squared circle and his life outside of wrestling, including:

  • Keeping in game shape during the COVID pandemic
  • How Samoa Joe influenced his in-ring style
  • Being a mutt of the independent scene
  • A general look at the Ontario independent scene
  • Wanting to make his way to the west coast
  • His goal of reaching the top 20% of wrestlers in Ontario
  • Being a part of the Riot Makers with Mark Wheeler and Jody Threat
  • The origin of his white wolf mask
  • The role professional wrestling has played in his mental health
  • Taking inspiration from unusual sources
  • Who he relates to most in That ’70s Show and why Randy sucks

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Conversations With Love 79: A Conversation With Holden Albright

Samoa Joe’s influence on his career:

“I think it’s - my number one influence, and I didn’t even pinpoint it until, like, the last year or so was Samoa Joe. I always watched him, and (was) always intrigued by him, but I would always go ‘okay, he’s one of my favourites, but I don’t know if he’s my favourite.’ Then, I had a chance to have a seminar with him maybe five years ago, and it’s now that I’ve developed my style and I’ve gotten more comfortable, I can now go back (and) I’m like ‘oh, I got this from this seminar and this,’ and there’s a lot of my matches that I can go ‘oh yeah. Samoa Joe definitely influenced my thinking on this.'”

Working with Mark Wheeler and Jody Threat in the Riot Makers:

“Two of definitely my best friends in pro wrestling. Crossbody is on IWTV, and so is most of Alpha-1 Wrestling, and that’s where Mark - Mark Wheeler got a chance to shine in Alpha-1 much like I got a chance to shine at Crossbody, so his stuff is tremendous. Jody also is at Alpha-1 Wrestling, and her stuff - so, we basically - I had a tag match on the 2nd Crossbody show, and my partner had family issues, so he had to take a break from wrestling. Mark Wheeler got his green light like four months earlier, and he hopped in the car with me. We were always going to shows. Even if we weren’t booked, we were there to set up, tear down, and just watch wrestling, because we love wrestling. We (were) this thrown-together in November, we were like ‘okay, what about this name?'”

“By January, we started rocking and rolling. The next year-and-a-bit, we held the tag titles at Crossbody, branched off to Barrie Wrestling, New School Wrestling and most promotions, because as long as - here’s a cheat code for any young wrestlers out there. As long as you form a tag team with a friend, and you get matching gear and you’re committed to it, you’ll probably get a lot of bookings because there (aren’t) many actual tag teams that are just two guys trying to get booked together. As long as you’ve got matching gear and that passion’s there, you can go a long way.”

“We were doing the tag thing, we introduced Stratosphere as our singles guy, and then Jody got her green light in a different September, and we’re like ‘huh.’ We’re just thinking about it. We’re just like - we’re at dinner one day after a show, I think we literally just said ‘should we make Jody a part of the Riot Makers?’ and it was like ‘yeah!’ We had a show coming up, she helped us cheat to win, and she became a part of the group. We lasted another eight months.”

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Conversations With Love 79: A Conversation With Holden Albright

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