CALGARY, AB: Prior to last weekend’s PWA Destiny, few wrestlers in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance were as beloved as “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari.

Since returning from injury at PWA Retribution on August 24, Jabari had reaffirmed his place as one of the most popular stars in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. However, while his popularity may not have degraded in his absence, his win/loss record certainly did. Though Jabari had shown flashes of his pre-injury excellence since stepping back inside the squared circle, it was clear that something had to change if Kid Chocolate was to return to form.

On Saturday, that change became apparent, as Jabari shockingly aligned with Colton Kelly and Dr Kyoto in the Millennial Rebels.

“I have been given the burden of knowledge,” commented Colton Kelly in a statement to the WCSN. “My best friend Kenneth Anthony has decided to take a break from professional wrestling for an undisclosed amount of time. Now, while this leaves me alone and heartbroken, there are larger issues at hand and I have been forced to find a replacement.”

“Enter Mo Jabari,” Kelly continued. “A man who, regardless of skill, talent and charisma, has found himself on the losing side of history since his return. In the wisest move of his young career has decided to approach and align himself on the right side of history.”

It was clear from the onset of Saturday’s show that Jabari was in a different state of mind. A loss to Aiden Adams was visibly frustrating for Jabari, who refused to shake the Above Average Joes’ hand and exited the squared circle. However, as he left the ringside area, he was curiously greeted by Dr Kyoto, the manager of the Millennial Rebels, and the two entered the backstage area together.

Later in the evening, in the midst of the Calgary Hitmen’s announcement about Bret “The Hitman” Hart night on November 2nd, both Kyoto and Colton Kelly entered the ring. Stating that there were more important matters at hand, the duo announced that Kenneth Anthony, the former PWA Champion, would be taking a sabbatical from the group and professional wrestling as a whole. However, they announced, they had found a replacement for the time being, and at that moment, Jabari entered the ring. Announced as “Millennial Chocolate,” Jabari explained that since he’d returned, he’d been focussed on making the fans happy. However, he stated, it had gotten him nowhere. It was time to do what it took to win, he finished cooly.

Said Kelly: “Mo Jabari, from this point forward, has been anointed Millenial Chocolate. Anyone who has a problem with that can cry themselves to sleep for all we care.”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” he finished.

Outside of his previously-announced remarks, Jabari was unavailable for comment at press time.

Stay tuned to the WCSN to stay up-to-date on this developing situation.

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