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This week, I cross another wrestler off my interview bucket list in “Two Scoops” Kc Spinelli! You don’t want to miss out on one of the most entertaining interviews in CWL history as Kc discusses everything and anything professional wrestling, including:

  • The last time she was in Alberta
  • What makes Canadian professional wrestling unique
  • Still loving pro wrestling
  • How Nicole Matthews and a toilet-paper wielding fan inspired her to begin training
  • Moving into the ECCW wrestling house
  • Witnessing her first independent cage match
  • Not reading spoilers
  • How “training by committee” was a benefit to her career
  • The importance of vetting your trainers
  • Thoughts on Artemis Spencer, Kyle O’Reilly, Bomber Nelson Creed, and Ill Bill
  • Why Canadian wrestling is at a disadvantage travel-wise
  • Where the “Two Scoops” nickname came from
  • Definitely not playing the Undead Bridesmaid
  • If she would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck
  • Becoming an ambassador for women’s wrestling
  • Her excitement for Mercedes Martinez signing with WWE

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Conversations With Love 57: A Conversation With Kc Spinelli

Still loving professional wrestling:

“So like for me, I still really enjoy going to just a wrestling show, whether I’m working or not. And I love sitting with the crowd or even sometimes like I’ll sit in the back. I don’t like sitting in the back, I’ll tell you why - because I still like again quote-unquote ‘mark out’ or like pop, you know? So like when I’m sitting in the back sometimes and I’ll react to something, some people look at me and be like, ‘dude’. I’ll be like, ‘but I like it!’ you know, because that magic hasn’t been lost for me. I still really love it.”

“I could sell anybody on it. This is what I used to do. For ECCW, I used to go around promoting and I would just talk with people and I would tell them, and five minutes after talking with me, you will see how much passion I have for this. You’ll want to just go and watch it anyways. You’d just be like, ‘this girl was losing her shit over it. Why?’ You know, I’ve never had a bad person’s experience coming to wrestling.”

Nicole Matthews, Toilet Paper Throwing, and Beginning Training:

“I went to my first ever wrestling show, the ECCW one with actually my friend Danielle, who, her brother was the person that named me Spinelli. It’s all, like, linked in a chain. It’s so funny. So we went to the first show together and I was like, ‘Oh my God like this is right here. I could do this.'”

“So, we went over to the mainland to watch it cause I was still living on the Island at that time. So, yeah, I moved over to the Island, started doing carpentry, Danielle came over to see me. We went to an ECCW show, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to do this.’ I went back to the Island and I just started making a list of all their shows (and) where I could go to see them because I needed to ask more questions.”

“The next show that I went to, which was in Abbotsford - so, mind you, I’m by myself. The first show I went to, I had a friend, but now I’m like solo by myself. I have to take the ferry from the Island over. I have to drive in my car from Vancouver to Abbotsford, which I don’t even know at this point how to get to, right. I’m just writing, and like, I don’t want to break it down for anybody who’s like, just chiming in right now, but like, this is like 10 years ago. This isn’t like iPhone century yet. You know, it’s very like still coming into the cell phone age and we’re still writing instructions down off of Google maps.”

“You know, we read maps, and I get to Abbotsford and I’m sitting front row at this show and this freakin’ guy beside me, who is like not attractive at all - and I don’t mean that in like a bad way, even though I know it sounds like a bad way, but like he’s not one to go throw stones as I would say. And he went to the bathroom. Okay. So, Nicole Matthews walks out managing Sid Sylum. NO! Sid Sylum was managing Nicole Matthews in that match. And Nicole Matthews was wrestling, I want to say, Ray, Ray Brooks. So, he goes to the bathroom, he comes back with this wad of toilet paper and I’m talking wad Like, that guy must have stood there for a good two minutes, like just grabbing at this toilet paper. So he comes back out to see, and as Nicole’s like walking by us as like, she’s like wrestling by us or whatever, but she just like came out to yell something. He threw the toilet paper at her and he’s like, ‘stop stuffing’.”

“And I was just like, are you, ‘are you kidding me right now?’ I was so insulted and angry, (because) mind you, this is still in the time where I wanted to be a comedian, but knew I couldn’t take heckling. So I’m just like, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ Like that would make me cry, even though it’s really not that bad. It’s toilet paper and some words, come on now, right? So I talked to Nicole Matthews after the show and I’m like, ‘yo, how do you even deal with that? Like how do you go home and like lay down and not have that like sit in the back of your mind?’ And she told me, she was like, ‘you know, good attention or bad attention, it’s still attention, and that is what wrestling is about, is like, you want people investing in you that much. Like, that guy, A )bought a front-row seat probably to do this spot. B) planned this spot all week. C) went into the bathroom during the match to get all of this, you know, and then involved himself in her match just to do this.”

“So it was like, ‘Oh okay.’ That’s what sort of made my mind switch to be like, okay, you know what, maybe there are some things that you can look past if you really look at the deeper meaning of them. So it was like, I went home and I was like, no, you know what, let’s do this. I went down to their next show in Vancouver, met Scotty Mac outside. He took one look at me and he was like, what are you doing here? I was like, I want to be a pro wrestler. He’s like, no, what are you doing here? Alright, listen, I want to be a pro wrestler. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be, I want to do this.”

Training with Artemis Spencer, Kyle O’Reilly and more:

“So with ECCW, at least when I started there, we had a different trainer every day of the week. And so depending on who was training, it kind of set the bar of like what that class was. So you know, like Scottie Mac, he had Fridays and we would do like promos and stuff on Fridays. Like, sometimes matches, but mostly promo work we would do, and a little bit of like chain wrestling and stuff like that. I’ll tell you what. My first-ever class I learned how to do a back body drop, and it really showed me that like, you definitely want to look into - listen, I’m going to be real honest right now. Everybody, no matter if they’ve been in wrestling for five years or five minutes, needs to do a background check on the person that they are learning from.”

“I don’t believe everybody should be teaching nor do I think, um, everybody has a right to call themselves a teacher. I stand very strongly on that because you’re right, I had a committee of people who trained me and to be honest, I really think that worked better for me because there were some people who - Artemis Spencer, I will tell you right now that man can wrestle a broomstick. He is God’s gift to wrestling. I just think he’s absolutely fantastic. Artie is somebody who I would try to ask 1,001 questions to and he would just say “just do it. Just do it. Just do it,’ because that’s what it is. It’s just doing it. Just do it. You don’t need to think and overthink about it, which a lot of people do in everyday life, no matter what decision you’re trying to make, you know? Is it left foot in front of right? Is it right in front of the left? Is it two inches to the left? It’s two inches to the right.”

“Whereas, like, Nicole Matthews, I’ll tell you right now, there was no man there that put the fear into me like Nicole Matthews did. You know what I’m saying? She’s something else, but without her, I wouldn’t, I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t have the instincts that I do. And so maybe it’s a benefit and maybe it’s a curse, but again, it’s - you know, there was Kyle O’Reilly who will definitely hate the fact that I call him a trainer, but he was somebody who knew his shit back then. And if you look at him now, he was doing all this stuff back then what he is now is definitely what he was. So, it would be like him and Ill Bill and like Bomber Nelson Creed and like Kenny Lush, you know, running like an experienced class Wednesday afternoon after the beginner’s class.

“And whereas like some people, pretty much everybody was told, you know, don’t stick around for these classes. Don’t bother these guys. If you ask them if you can like sit and watch, you know, and they say yes you can stay, but like other than that, once class is done, leave. The one day I was like, yo, Kyle, like you mind if I just stand and watch you guys. And he was like, you can stay, but you can’t watch.’ What do you mean I can’t watch? He’s like, ‘no, if you’re going to stay, like you’re going to participate.’ I was like, yeah, okay. Learning from him was like something else, you know. Bomber, actually, Bomber is crazy good now. Unless, you know, like the Western scene of Canada, you might not know who Bomber Nelson Creed is, but he was somebody that the WWE knew, and they did want him. So the fact that like there’s people that came from over there or there was people over there that like even the WWE had eyes on.”

The origins of the Two Scoops nickname:

“It’s so funny because everybody asks, like, ‘what does Two Scoops mean?’ And I always say to them, ‘well, what do you think it means?’ Now, here’s the thing: I don’t know what two scoops means to me, to me to schools is like, you ever, you ever have two scoops of pre-workout? And people are like, ‘Oh my God, don’t.’ That’s me. That’s Spinelli to a T, is like, I’m Two Scoops, but I’m always asking for second helpings you know, like I always ask for more.”

“But, where it came from - nobody’s asked that before. So I’ll tell you where it came from. There’s a few guys in Seattle who started a little YouTube show of where they, better my French talk, shit-talk wrestling videos. Okay. So, they’ll play a match and then they’ll shit talk everybody in the match, you know, and they’ll do commentary throughout the whole thing. So one of the times they decided to talk about our girls match, and they were shitting on everybody. And then when I came onto the screen, the guy goes, ‘Oh wait! Wait! That Kc Spinelli! I want two scoops of that. And I heard it and I was like “this guy wants to see Two Scoops of what? And I was like ‘no, you know what? If that’s gonna make people talk, I’m going to take that.’ So the definition, like where it came from was literally some guy being like, I want Two Scoops of that. But, if you ask me, you know, it’s definitely my personality. I’m way too much for people, and it’s very much either you like me or you don’t like me. There’s not a real in-between with me. And I feel like that just defines me. I’m very intense. So it’s either a hundred or a zero, but there’s no in the middle.”

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