CALGARY, AB: Kylie Morgan has a new home.

Morgan, a graduate of the Storm Wrestling Academy, has officially made the move to Real Canadian Wrestling. The move was confirmed by the promotion itself, announcing that Morgan would face former RCW Women’s Champion Angelica on February 21st.

“I’m very excited to be joining Real Canadian Wrestling,” said Morgan in a statement to the WCSN. “Not only am I ready to get my hands on Angelica again, but anyone that RCW puts in front of me. I’m excited to blow people’s expectations out of the water and grow as a professional wrestler.”

“I came to RCW for two reasons: chew bubblegum and chase my dreams. Seems that I’m just about all out of bubblegum.”

Morgan made her in-ring debut for the PWA last January after initially joining the promotion as the manager of the League. As part of the trio, Morgan picked up her first win at the promotion’s 18th-Anniversary show last year. Since then, she’s gone on to not only wrestle for the PWA, but Winnipeg’s Premier Championship Wrestling and Lethbridge’s Pure Power Wrestling.

It was with those two promotions that Morgan first squared off with her scheduled opponent for February 21st, “the Bombshell” Angelica. Since then, the two have engaged in a bitter rivalry that’s stretched across three provinces at this point. Now, for the first time ever, the two will go one-on-one in RCW.

Tickets for all upcoming RCW events are available through the promotion’s Showpass page or various social media channels. Additional tickets are available at the door for an increased price.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for the latest on Real Canadian Wrestling.

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