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Yes, it’s late, but some things are worth the wait, including this week’s exclusive interview with Rick Jules of the Dad Bod Squad! Tune in to a special Sunday of CWL as Spencer talks with the brand-new MPW Renegade Tag Team Champion about not just pro wrestling, but so much more, including:

  • His favourite Pokémon
  • What drew him to professional wrestling
  • Growing to love tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era
  • What inspired him to begin training as a pro wrestler
  • The importance of wearing tight underwear
  • Always wanting to wrestle in a tag team
  • The origins of Raunchy Rick Jules
  • What makes a great heel
  • Connecting with the crowd as the Dad Bod Squad
  • Founding the Family Jewels
  • Winning his first heavyweight championship
  • The formation of the Dad Bod Squad
  • What it would mean to win the MPW Renegade Tag Team Championships

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Conversations With Love 56: A Conversation With Rick Jules

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Conversations With Love 56: A Conversation With Rick Jules

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