This Week in Wrestling featured not one, but two go-home shows for the Survivor Series PPV. Both RAW and Smackdown put on great shows this week, with the red brand finally gaining retribution for the Smackdown attack from three weeks back.

(Try saying that five times fast)

The WWE writers at Win Column Sports take a look at the week of November 17th and make their picks for the best and worst moments of the week. For more WWE content, check out Over the Top Rope!


Best: It was a Monday Night Raw of reunions, by my personal favourite moment wasn’t the one you’d expect. While it was obviously incredible watching the Shield work together again, it was the Samoa Joe/Finn Balor pairing that did it for me. Watching the two rivals work together for the first time since the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Classic was a sight to behold; it was the conclusion of that tournament that sent Samoa Joe on a warpath that led directly to the NXT Championship. While blown over on TV, it was a cool moment for long-time fans.


Worst: No Paige return. While still a chance that she returns at Survivor Series, it was disappointing not to see her appear on RAW after she was confirmed to be backstage. Paige is going to be a huge addition to whichever women’s division she joins – I just wish we would have found out which it would be this week.


Nope. Not today.


Best: Raw raid on Smackdown. Funny, concise, and heartwarming. Had a lot of fun watching this segment. 5 bags of popcorn.

There’s never a bad time for Braun Strowman.

Worst: RAW Raid on Smackdown backstage women’s portion. Horribly done, Alexa and Lana are clearly corpsing. Sad.


Best: Charlotte winning the Women’s title in Flair country. The match was nice, I felt Natalya still looked very strong despite dropping the title. The scenario was perfect and that final touch with Ric Flair at the end was priceless.


Worst: Jason Jordan defeating Bray Wyatt. This needs no more words to describe its awfulness.


Best: Raw’s invasion on SD Live. I think this was a better invasion than SD Live’s invasion a couple weeks ago. It sets up more angles as KO and Sami abandoned the SD roster in typical fashion, and the potential of Shane being hurt and being unable to compete this Sunday. Roman holding back from attacking the Usos was also a nice touch, and it was nice seeing both of the team captains get physical (although Shane sandbagged that Angle Slam) 

Worst: The promo between Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle. Wow, that was cringe-worthy to watch. When WWE first introduced this story line I stayed optimistic, but this angle just isn’t working. Jordan is not ready on the mic, and it was clearly displayed here. Angle seems to be trying his best to be emotionally involved, but it’s hard to watch him trying to play the “dad”. Thank god HHH saved this segment or this would have been one of the worst of the year.


There’s never a bad time for Jason Jordan to get Pedigree’d, honestly.

That’s it, that’s all! Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @WCSportsCA! Stay tuned, as we’ve got Takeover: War Games predictions heading your way, and Survivor Series predictions to follow!

This Week in Wrestling - November 17th
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