Ahhh, Radway - the home of the first-time-ever matchup.

Tonight, Real Canadian Wrestling makes its return to Radway, Alberta for New Year’s Rampage, the promotion’s first event in the hamlet of 2020.

Tonight’s show is scheduled to be headlined by the first encounter between Michael Richard Blais, both of the PWA and Force Pro Wrestling, and Monster Pro Wrestling’s Nasty Nate Nixon. Thought the “Alberta Indy Dream Match” moniker has truly been clubbed to death throughout the province, there’s no denying that the first encounter between the two is one of the most anticipated matchups left in the Albertan independent wrestling scene.

Friday night is also set to see Heavy Metal defend his RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship against another newbie to the RCW roster, KB6. The latter recently made his Real Canadian Wrestling debut last Friday in Ponoka in a losing effort to fellow newcomer Blake Kannon. However, despite his 0-1 record, the Torontonian will not only look to pick up his first win in Real Canadian Wrestling, but his first championship.

Not only will the RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship be one the line this Friday, but both of the promotion’s other championships will be, too. Matt Hart will defend the RCW British Commonwealth Championship against one of Alberta’s most popular stars in the Canadian Goose. Additionally, RichtorCade will defend their tag team titles against the newly-formed Cat’s Meow 2.0.

Elsewhere on the card, Zoë Sager and Taryn From Accounting will square off in a rematch of their title at Force Pro Wrestling: The ReturnJason Booker and Vince Austin will duke it out in a grudge match, and “Rugged” Rich King will take on Discount Batman K.O.T.A.

Don’t miss out, folks - with tonight’s show only a short drive from Edmonton, there aren’t any excuses for what could be one of RCW’s biggest shows of the year.

Announced Match Card:
  • RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal© vs. KB6
  • Michael Richard Blais vs. Nasty Nate Nixon
  • RCW British Commonwealth Championship Match: Matt Hart© vs. The Canadian Goose
  • RCW Canadian Tag Team Championship Match: Richtorcade© (Barricade/Dean Richtor) vs. Cat’s Meow 2.0
  • Zoë Sager vs. Taryn From Accounting
  • Jason Booker vs. Vince Austin
  • “Rugged” Rich King vs. K.O.T.A
  • Lumberjack Larry Woods vs. Son of Irish
News & Notes:
Records (2020):

Heavy Metal (3-0 singles)

Big Jesse Youngblood (2-1 singles)

Matt Hart (2-1 singles)

Dante (1-0 singles, 1-0 tag team)

Christian Strife (1-0 singles)

Blake Kannon (1-0 singles)

Giant Orion (1-1 singles, 0-1 tag team, 1-0 battle royal)

Vince Austin (1-1 singles, 1-0 tag team)

Brice “The Slammer” Sova (1-0 singles, 0-1 tag team)

KOTA (1-1 singles, 0-1 tag team)

Headline Shaun Martens (1-0 singles, 0-2 tag team)

“The Cheetahbear” Jude Dawkins (0-2 singles, 1-0 tag team)

Canadian Goose (0-1 singles, 1-0 tag team)

Barricade (1-0 tag team)

Steve Rivers (1-0 tag team)

Bradley Graham (1-0 tag team)

Dean Richtor (1-1 tag team)

Son of Irish (1-1 tag team)

Tony Machete (1-1 tag team)

Tyson Hill (0-1 tag team)

Nite (0-1 tag team)

“The Original” Marky (0-1 singles)

Nasty Nate Nixon (0-1 singles)

KB6 (0-1 singles)

Lumberjack Larry Woods (0-1 singles)

“Mad Dog” Marty Sugar (0-1 singles)

Cody Chimera (0-2 singles)

Travis Cole (0-2 singles)

Rich King (0-0)

Jason Booker (0-0)

Zoë Sager (0-0)

Taryn from Accounting (0-0)

Fun Facts:
  • Saturday’s matchup between Michael Richard Blais and Nasty Nate Nixon isn’t the only match occurring for the first time ever. Heavy Metal/KB6 matchup is also taking place for the first time, as are both the rugged “Rugged” Rich King vs. K.O.T.A match and the Lumberjack Larry Woods vs. Son of Irish match.
  • The matchup marks Rich King’s RCW debut
  • Tonight’s show marks Real Canadian Wrestling’s fourth event of the year, the most of any Alberta wrestling promotion.
Spencer’s Three-Count
  • I always love these Radway shows, as they always seem to bring something unique to the Albertan independent scene. Not only will Nasty Nate Nixon and MRB square off for the first time, but a number of other first-time-ever matchups will be occurring. Personally, I’m incredibly excited for the Lumberjack Larry Woods/Son of Irish tilt; not only are both personal favourites of mine, but the two have incredibly different in-ring styles. It’ll be great to see how they make it mesh
  • If you’re not down with the Honk, I’ll give you a bonk. Dammit, am I excited to see the Canadian Goose earning a title shot championship opportunity against none other than Matt Hart. There are few in Albertan pro wrestling as beloved as the Goose. Over the past year, there have been few who have so wholeheartedly given themselves to professional wrestling, and it’s excellent to see great opportunities coming his way.
  • Speaking of opportunities - sorry for your luck, Rich King
How to Watch:

Tickets for RCW New Year’s Rampage event are currently available online through the promotion’s Showpass page. Additional tickets are available at the door for an additional $5.

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