EDMONTON, AB: Two more of Alberta’s brightest stars are set to join the Prairie Wrestling Alliance.

At Saturday’s Resolution Rumble, both GiGi Rey and Andriy will make their in-ring debuts for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. Rey is scheduled to challenge PWA Women’s Champion Zoë Sager for her title, while Andriy is entered in the Resolution Rumble match itself.

Rey, frankly, represents a bit of an unknown commodity in the Albertan wrestling scene. Saturday’s matchup marks not only her PWA debut, but her overall in-ring debut as well. However, despite being scheduled to face off with who many consider being the top female wrestler in Alberta in Zoë Sager, Rey was confident heading into New Year’s Resolution.

“I might be new around here, but I’ve been a student of the game for a long time,” said Rey in a comment to the WCSN.

“This Saturday, I’m gonna do what no other woman has been able to do - take the PWA Women’s Championship from Zoë Sager”

Andriy, meanwhile, recently stepped back into the ring for the first time since sustaining a shoulder injury nearly six months ago. The big man has looked dominant in both the “This Is Not a Clusterf**k…This is Just a Tribute” match for the Clandestine Society, as well as his return to singles action on January 17th against Chris Perish. His sheer stature has to make him one of the favourites to win the Resolution Rumble - something that Andriy was acutely aware of when asked to comment on the announcement

“I understand why I was asked to be in the Resolution Rumble,” the giant said in a statement to the WCSN. “I am there to add something PWA has been lacking: SIZE.”

Tickets for the PWA New Year’s Resolution Rumble event can be purchased in advance through Variant Edition Comics & Graphic Novels at 10132 151 Street in Edmonton. Advance tickets are also available through any of the PWA’s social media channels or contacting promoter Kurt Sorochan directly.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more from PWA New Year’s Resolution.

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