EDMONTON, AB: Could you ask for a better start to a wrestling career?

Tonight, in her first-ever wrestling match, Gigi Rey defeated Zoë Sager to capture the PWA Women’s Championship.

The loss ends Sager’s title reign at 218 days.

Rey’s win, in fact, marks the first time the reincarnated PWA Women’s Championship has changed hands in it’s short history. Sager initially won the championship at last year’s 18th-Anniversary Show, defeating Kat Von Heez, Kylie Morgan and Alix Zwicker to win the title.

Unfortunately, the loss didn’t come without a bit of controversy. Rey’s championship win came following her being dropkicked into the corner by the then-champion Sager. Unbeknownst to the referee, Rey utilized the opportunity to remove the turnbuckle from the corner, exposing the solid metal beneath it. As Sager charged in, Rey executed a drop toe hold to cause Sager to strike the exposed turnbuckle, nearly knocking her unconscious. Within seconds, Rey had secured the pinfall for not only her first win in pro wrestling, but her first championship.

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