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Episode 50 was always meant to be a monumental episode of Conversations With Love, and this week, Spencer delivers yet again with an exclusive interview with the newly-retired Meniac! It’s been just over two weeks since the former tagSTRUGGLE star announced his departure from the squared circle, and now, he sits down to discuss his entire career. Find out more about the former Dr. Meniac, MD in this week’s episode, including:

  • What inspired him to decide to retire
  • His beginnings in professional wrestling
  • Breaking his elbow because he got cocky
  • Working with Rick Jules as part of The Family Jewels
  • The formation of tagSTRUGGLE
  • Getting roundhouse kicked by Dylon Stone
  • What it means to be a locker room leader
  • What he loved wrestling for MPW
  • Making the jump to Real Canadian Wrestling
  • Tag team wrestling
  • His thoughts on individuals who inspired him in wrestling
  • Becoming a dad
  • The moment he knew he was going to retire

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Conversations With Love 50: A Conversation With Meniac

Why he decided to retire:

“Well, there’s two ways I can answer this. One is, of course, the super long-school answer that has just all the twists and turns of what happened over the last year and a half, or we can just go to the short one. Mrs Meniac’s is pregnant, I’m going to be a dad!”

“That was probably one of the main factors. But I mean over the last probably year and a half, without throwing anyone under the bus, it’s gotten too political in Alberta. I love it. It was a good time, but it was starting to become more like work than it was fun, and at that point, I want to get out while I still enjoyed it. So last thing I want to do is be there, be a miserable grizzled vet that just hates going there and is there because he feels like he has to. I got out when I still enjoyed it. I really don’t have any lasting injuries; I actually feel great. I have no more pain in the back, which is awesome. I don’t think (there are) many wrestlers now that could say they don’t have at least a little bit of soreness when they wake up in the morning. That’s all gone for me, and it’s like I just, I was very content.”

What it means to be a locker room leader:

“(If) you don’t have it, your product will never be as good as if you do. Give guys - like when I first started - like Irish, Steve Rivers, Chris Perish, guys like that, they lead by example. (If) you ask them questions, they’re there for you, they’ll watch your matches, they’ll comment, they’ll talk about it.”

“Another guy was Vance Nevada when I first started. He was there. He watched every single match. All the time. Irish is another guy. They watch all the matches, and they’ll change their match up if someone does something. So it’s that kind of leadership. And then they say, you know, you did this really well, good job. Then they’ll tell you what they didn’t do well. They’ll be brutally honest. And that’s the key, to be brutally honest. So that way whoever it is can improve upon whatever it is that they need to improve on. I think it’s one of the biggest things to not only keep a locker room together and strong and make everyone friends with everyone, but it makes the product to sell better. So it’s priceless really.”

How he knew he was ready to retire:

“This is how I know I’m ready to retire. I have no ill will to anybody in the business. And that’s why I think that y’know what, yeah, I’m good to go. I’ve done everything I want to do and more and I have no regrets. That’s why I know it, there’s certain people that at times I would’ve been pissed within the business, but I’m done now, I’m out, I’m happy. So I wish no ill will upon anybody in Alberta professional wrestling.”

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