EDMONTON, AB: It certainly didn’t take long to find out when Zoë Sager would earn her rematch for the PWA Women’s Championship.

Tonight, Sager became the first woman to win the PWA Resolution Rumble, earning the championship opportunity of her choosing at the promotion’s 19th-Anniversary Show in Edmonton.

The win comes just hours after Sager lost the Women’s Championship to the debuting Gigi Rey.

In the end, the Rumble came down to Zoë and Colton Kelly of the Millennial Rebels. As the final two participants duked it out, it looked as though Kelly had victory all but secured after catching an attempted Hurricarana attempt from Sager off the top rope. However, as Kelly looked to powerbomb Sager over the top rope, the former women’s champion was able to shift her momentum and send the Millennial Icon to the floor, securing both a win and the championship opportunity of her choosing.

Upon winning, Sager immediately declared that she’ll challenge Rey - or whoever the current women’s champion may be - at the anniversary show on March 21st.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more from PWA New Year’s Resolution.

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BREAKING: Zoë Sager Wins PWA Resolution Rumble

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