Conversations With Love 33 is LIVE!

Tune in for this week’s brand-new interview, featuring Albertan wrestling veteran The Irishman! Tune in and get the former MPW Heavyweight Champions thoughts on everything and anything in pro wrestling, including:

  • Where he got the name “The Irishman”
  • Why nice people make the best heels
  • The most important part of being a great heel
  • Kicking off his career with Pan-Am Pro Wrestling
  • His relationship with Owen Hart
  • How Owen’s death impacted his career
  • His infamous chair shot, courtesy of Meniac
  • Wrestling both with and against Krazy Kore
  • The parallels between his career and Son of Irish
  • When he believes aspiring wrestlers should begin training
  • The feeling of winning his first championship
  • Wrestling a match with two blown knees
  • Why he’s a unique trainer
  • Whether or not he’s medically cleared

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Conversations With Love 33: A Conversation with The Irishman

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Conversations With Love 33: A Conversation With The Irishman

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