EDMONTON, AB: Tradition, passion, and respect are the brand pillars of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance; after Saturday, however, it can add a little bit of Pride.

Saturday night was yet another standout event courtesy of the PWA. Not only did the evening feature the return of PWA Commonwealth Champion and AEW star Shawn Spears, but as per usual, the promotion delivered a standout card featuring some of the best of the best in the Albertan wrestling scene. All of the promotion’s singles titles were on the line on Saturday, including a main-event matchup between PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark and challenger Michael Richard Blais.

Given the events of the past month between Blais, Clark, and PWA Edmonton commissioner Thaddeus Archer III, many expected that Saturday’s matchup would be one of the most heated in PWA history. Boy, did the two deliver, with the pair putting on an absolute clinic for the capacity crowd.

However, while the match was another in-ring classic from both competitors, the battle itself wasn’t what stole headlines on Saturday night.

All looked to be right in the PWA near the conclusion of the match. With Clark locked in a devastating Sharpshooter, it looked as though Blais would capture his fourth PWA Championship. At that moment, however, the crowd erupted as none other than Jack Pride appeared seemingly out of nowhere and entered the ringside area. In the cacophony, Pride took out both a cameraman and the referee before setting his sights on Michael Richard Blais. Within seconds, Pride had hit a massive Swallowed Pride on God’s Gift to Wrestling before commencing with a flurry of blows to the prone competitor.

“This is where WE belong!” exclaimed Pride, seconds before the PWA locker room poured out of the backstage area. As quickly as he’d entered, Pride was out the back door. Seconds later, the match was thrown out, with Clark remaining the PWA Heavyweight Champion. 

Is Pride simply looking for revenge for his last loss to Blais? Or, is something more sinister afoot in the Era of Archer? Only one way to find out - stay tuned to the WCSN for more updates.

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