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Jack Pride Makes PWA Debut

Death, taxes, and excellence from the Prairie Wrestling Alliance.

There truly are some certainties in life, and one of those is the PWA’s consistent ability to host top-tier wrestling events throughout Alberta. Saturday night was no different, as the promotion hosted their annual Fall Fever event at the Northgate Lions Centre. While each of the tilts on the 8-match card delivered in spades, one moment truly sent the capacity crowd home speechless.

The evening’s main event was yet another classic matchup between Michael Richard Blais and PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark. As could be expected, the two delivered yet another mat classic on Saturday, both proving why they’re regarded as two of the top workers country-wide. There’s a reason the duo was invited to the recent WWE tryout in Ontario; they’re simply that good.

However, it wasn’t the match itself that stole headlines on Saturday, but the events that took place as it reached its conclusion. With Clark locked in yet another patented Sharpshooter from Blais, a disturbance overtook the crowd. Shockingly, out emerged Jack Pride, the former CWC Alberta Champion and a long-time rival of Blais. Immediately, Pride took out a cameraman and referee before turning his sights on Blais. As God’s Gift to Wrestling recovered from the shock of his rival’s appearance, Pride hit his finisher and exuberantly proclaimed “This is where WE belong!” Seconds later, the PWA locker room rushed the ring, and Pride was gone.

A hell of a debut for a hell of a professional wrestler. Colour me excited.

Champ-vs-Champ On Alberta Ave

Two of Monster Pro Wrestling’s top titleholders will go head-to-head once again this weekend, as MPW Heavyweight Champion Mitch Clarke faces off with one-half of the Renegade Memorial Tag Team Champions, Rich King.

However, Saturday’s tilt won’t be the first time the pair have faced off. Truthfully, wrestling fans in Lloydminster and Hinton were treated to this exact matchup just last weekend. In fact, it was those two matchups that led to MPW Commissioner Jimmi Zero booking the scheduled Alberta Avenue clash. In a statement put out by Monster Pro Wrestling, the promotion announced that due to both a low-blow from Clarke to King in Lloydminster and leveraging the ropes for a pinfall in Hinton, the duo would square off once again in Edmonton. Additionally, Clarke will be forced to put his championship on the line for only the second time in Edmonton.

Tickets for MPW Road to Riptribution can be purchased in advance from any Monster Pro Wrestling roster member.

Metal vs Sharp Official for Radway

Well, hot damn, folks - we have another dream match on our hands!

Yes, it’s become an overused phrase in professional wrestling, but it’s one that’s apt when describing the impending Canadian Championship matchup between Heavy Metal and Bobby Sharp. The two titans of Albertan wrestling will face off one-on-one in Radway, Alberta on October 11th as the ostensible main event for the promotion’s Fall Brawl. 

Truly, folks, it’s hard to oversell this match. Both Metal and Sharp represent some of the best Alberta has produced in the past two decades. There’s a reason that Metal is the longest-reigning RCW Canadian Champion in the promotion’s history (and a personal selection as one of the province’s MVP’s in 2018); the champ is simply that good. However, in Sharp, he faces off with the youngest-ever recipient of the Edmonton Combat Sports Commissions’ “Professional Wrestler of the Year” award and one of the most respected veterans in Canada today.

It all goes down on October 11th. Tickets can be purchased in advance through any RCW star or the promotion’s various social media channels.

Prairie Wrestling Alliance Results
Fall Fever • Edmonton, Alberta • September 28
  1. Kat Von Heez def. Bobby Sharp
  2. PWA Mayhem Championship Match: “The Thickness” Reid Matthews def. Nightmare
  3. Space Mountain def. The League - DQ
  4. PWA Women’s Championship Match: Zoë Sager def. Kylie Morgan
  5. PWA Commonwealth Championship Match: Shawn Spears def. Shaun Moore
  6. Gauntlet Match: Shiek Akbar Shabaz def. Colton Kelly, Brandon Van Danielson, Alix Zwicker, Aiden Adams, “Kid Chocolate” Mo Jabari
  7. PWA Championship Match: Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Michael Richard Blais - No Contest
Real Canadian Wrestling Results
Road to Glory • Edmonton, Alberta • September 26
  1. Nite def. Dante
  2. Big Jess Youngblood def. Barricade
  3. KOTA def. Maverick Jack by countout
  4. Son of Irish def. Travis Cole
  5. Heavy Metal def. Dean Richtor
  6. Brice “The Slammer” Sova def. “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin
Fight to Survive • Calgary, Alberta • September 27
  1. Steve Rivers def. Barricade
  2. Matt Hart def. Brett Sever
  3. KOTA defeated D. Dwight Davis
  4. Christian Strife def. Tyson Hiller
  5. Big Jess Youngblood def. Aussie Legend
  6. Brice “The Slammer” Sova def. Dante
  7. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal def. Canadian Goose
Kryptonite • Ponoka, Alberta • September 28
  1. KOTA def. Dante
  2. Gnaw the Monster def. Steven Styles
  3. Dean Richtor def. Vince Austin - DQ
  4. KOTA/Dean Richtor def. Vince Austin/Dante
  5. Heavy Metal def. Son of Irish
Pure Power Wrestling Results
Back in Session • Lethbridge, Alberta • September 27
  1. Dewey Robson def. Stormbringer
  2. Angelica def. Taryn from Accounting
  3. Cowboy Bryn Watts def. Cyanide
  4. Jumpin’ Josh & Dewey Robson def. Kyle Sebastian & Kenn Stevens
  5. Sydney Steele def. Lumberjack Larry
Mountain Mayhem • Nobleford, Alberta • September 28
  1. Dewey Robson def. Cyanide
  2. Cowboy Bryn Watts def. Killer Bee
  3. Taryn from Accounting def. Angelica
  4. Jumpin’ Josh & Dewey Robson def. Kyle Sebastian & Kenn Stevens
  5. Lumberjack Larry def. Sydney Steele - DQ
  6. Lumberjack Larry & Taryn From Accounting def. Sydney Steele & Angelica
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