LLOYDMINSTER, AB: Monster Pro Wrestling’s latest mini-tour has certainly kicked off with a bang for “The Future” Kid Cyrus. Unfortunately for Blake Kannon, it came at the expense of the promotion’s longest current title reign.

At last night’s MPW event in Lloydminster, Cyrus defeated Kannon for the MPW Provincial Championship, kicking off his second run with the title and ending Kannon’s championship reign at 229 days.

Cyrus first won the title from Nasty Nate Nixon at last year’s Riptribution 11, embarking on a nearly six-month reign with the championship. However, last April, Kannon captured the championship following his victory in the 2019 MPW Eliminator and had held it up until Thursday’s event. Heading into Lloydminster’s show, Kannon’s reign was the longest among Monster Pro Wrestling’s various titles. Of course, part of that is due to the occasional - well, frequent - interference on his behalf courtesy of both Sexy Samantha and Sultan Singh, and that was nearly the case yet again on Thursday evening.

Of course, it nearly goes without saying that the match between Kannon and Cyrus delivered on all fronts. The pair not only represent two of MPW’s top talents but the chemistry between the duo is off-the-charts. Thursday was no different, as the duo had the Lloydminster crowd on the edges of their seats. The low roof of the venue forced Kid Cyrus to work a much more grounded style, focusing on using his agility and striking ability rather than his patented high-flying moveset throughout the match. Kannon, too, saw a bit of a shift in styles, utilizing a more aggressive approach to both Cyrus and the Lloydminster faithful.

However, as I alluded to earlier, Cyrus efforts were nearly all for nought due to interference from Sexy Samantha and Sultan Singh. As Kid Cyrus gained the upper hand near the conclusion of the match, both Samantha and Singh made their way to ringside in an attempt to shift the tides in Kannon’s favour. Fortunately, Cyrus’ tag team partner “Rugged” Rich King wasn’t far behind the dastardly duo, and with one swift motion smashed both Sam and Singh’s heads together to render them useless.

The distraction was the opportunity that Cyrus needed. With Kannon reeling, Cyrus was able to collect him and hit him with a devastating fireman’s carry neckbreaker to put him down for the count. Three short seconds later, Cyrus was a two-time champ.

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