EDMONTON, AB: For those who were curious about the family-friendliness of the inaugural presentation from the Clandestine Society, the latest announcement from the promotion should be everything you need to know about whether or not to bring the kids.

On December 14th, Dylon Stone will face off with Mike McSugar in what can only be described as a potential trainwreck in the most positive of fashions. Not only will the pair step inside the squared circle to face each other for the very first time, but they’ll be tasked with obtaining a, well, two-foot phallic replicant from on top of a pole set in a neutral corner of the ring.

Yes, the Clandestine Society is hosting the first-ever Dildo on a Pole match in Albertan wrestling history.

“Mike McSugar the individual is making his return to Alberta in a match that the fans will not forget anytime soon,” commented McSugar to the WCSN. “Dylon Stone has never been in the ring with another human being quite like Mike McSugar. Mr. Stone will be left laying on his back completely spent and drained at the climax of our match, while the fully erect specimen of flesh Mike McSugar stands tall with my hands raised in victory. That’s just something Dylon Stone will have swallow.”

“I’m Dylon Stone,” responded, obviously, Dylon Stone. “I’m The Alberta Champion, and now I look to a new put a new crown on my mantle - THE KING OF CROSS DRESS STYLE! Not only that, we will have a 2-foot dildo on a pole match to prove it!”

Though both Stone and McSugar take a unique approach to their work inside the ring, the pair still represent two of the finest talents in Western Canada today. Stone, the current Alberta Champion, has had a 2019 for the ages. While always highly regarded for his in-ring ability, this year has seen Stone’s star rise meteorically. Matches with the likes of Jack PrideMichael Richard Blais and former Ring of Honor Champion Matt Taven have solidified Stone’s place among Alberta’s elite talents.

Though primarily plying his trade in Saskatchewan rather than Alberta, a similar description can be given for Mike McSugar. The three-time HIW Tag Team Champion isn’t simply entertaining, he’s dangerous. His feud with current PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark was one of the highlights of Saskatchewan’s independent wrestling scene over the past year. There’s truly every reason to believe that he’ll make it as hard on Stone as Stone makes it on him.

Of course, a non-traditional match such as the announced Stone/McSugar stipulation was bound to raise some eyebrows among professional wrestling traditionalists. However, when asked about the matches unusual stipulation, Stone responded:

“What? It can’t be any worse than a glove on a pole.”

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more information on the Clandestine Society as it’s released.

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