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Tune in this week as Spencer Love chats with one of the latest additions to the Force Pro Wrestling roster, Taryn From Accounting! Listen in as the pair chat about her career in professional wrestling thus far, including:

  • What it’s been like moving to Force Pro Wrestling
  • Attending her first mini-camp with Monster Pro Wrestling
  • On Crush being her favourite wrestler
  • What she found intimidating stepping into the ring for the first time
  • Where the name Taryn from Accounting came from
  • What she’s learned from each of her opponents
  • How she felt when she won her first match
  • Her biggest strength as a pro wrestler

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Conversations With Love 44: A Conversation With Taryn From Accounting

Beginning training with Monster Pro Wrestling:

“Yeah, that was the first place, because I saw one of those flyers for minicamp and so I was like, you know, “should I do it? I really want to do it. I really want to do it.” So I forced myself to do it. And so I went to one of their mini-camps and fell in love. I was obsessed from day one.”

On her favourite pro wrestler when she was young:

“Uh, I had a weird favourite when I was young, young, young. I loved Crush. He was like my number one main man. I don’t know. I think it was just his golden locks, which they all had. But his, just, something spoke to me.”

How she felt winning her first match:

“I remember not knowing what to do after I had pinned her. I was like, okay, now what do I do? (Because) I’m used to, like, either rolling out because I was cheated and popping up and being like, ‘what the hell?’ And then having to like scurry to the back, or like hobble to the back or whatever. Just always with my tail between my legs, whatever the case is. I just remember ‘I don’t know what to do. Do I leave now? Like who goes first?'”

“But a funny thing is, so that was my first win, but on my very first like the bar show, I think Phoenix won, but I think she got the pin on me, but I just remember having so much energy and I was so pumped. She got up on the ropes and she’s celebrating for herself, and I saw my friends out there and everybody was cheering for me, so I was like, f**k it. So I got up on the ropes, and I was like, ‘yeah!’ And I remember her looking over at me being like, ‘bitch, get down, you lost. Get outta here.’ I just, something came up. I couldn’t help myself. I just started celebrating.”

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Conversations With Love 44: A Conversation With Taryn From Accounting 

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