Unfortunately, for the second week in a row, Alberta’s professional wrestling community was rocked by the loss of an industry legend. Ruben Cruz, known by wrestling fans as Hercules Ayala, passed away last week at the age of 69.

Though Ayala’s loss loomed large over the province last week, that’s not all that took place in Alberta from the 22nd to the 28th. A championship fell, a major match was announced and, well, history was made over the past seven days in the Albertan independent scene.

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Hercules Ayala, Stampede Wrestling Legend, Deceased at 69

On January 22nd, wrestling legend Ruben Cruz, better known as Hercules Ayala, passed away at the age of 69.

Ayala’s over 30-year career certainly wasn’t short on accolades. Throughout his time in the squared circle, Ayala captured championships in no less than six promotions, including a reign with the Stampede Wrestling Tag Team Championships alongside then-partner Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.

Not only was Ayala a prominent professional wrestler, but a valued member of the Albertan independent wrestling community. In 2001, Ayala - alongside Kurt Sorochan and Ivan Thomsen - was instrumental in the founding the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, joining the promotion as its first booker.

Those wishing to contribute to Mr. Ayala’s family expenses in the near future can click here.

Full story on the WCSN.

Sager, Rey Shine at PWA New Year’s Resolution

The PWA’s annual Resolution Rumble match is always one of the most chaotic events of the year. However, this year’s may have topped them all.

Following a pair of matches won by Colton Kelly and Andy Anderson, respectively, Zoë Sager defended her PWA Women’s Championship against the debuting Gigi Rey. I wrote in my preview for the event that despite Rey’s lack of in-ring experience, she potentially posed a threat to Sager’s title

Well, not only was she a threat - she took the damn thing. After some chicanery, Rey was able to roll Sager up for the pinfall, ending her championship reign at 218 days.

However, the loss wasn’t the end of Sager’s evening by any means. Far from it, in fact. Sager returned later in the evening as part of the Resolution Rumble itself, putting on an incredible showing as the match neared its final competitors. In the end, the Rumble came down to Zoë and Colton Kelly of the Millennial Rebels. As the final two participants duked it out, it looked as though Kelly had victory all but secured after catching an attempted Hurricarana attempt from Sager off the top rope. However, as Kelly looked to powerbomb Sager over the top rope, the former women’s champion was able to shift her momentum and send the Millennial Icon to the floor, securing both a win and the championship opportunity of her choosing.

Upon winning, Sager immediately declared that she’ll challenge Rey – or whoever the current women’s champion may be – at the anniversary show on March 21st.

Full story on the WCSN.

MPW Announces Eliminator Participants

This weekend will see Monster Pro Wrestling host their annual MPW Eliminator event

This year’s edition of the Eliminator match will see Kid Cyrus defending the Provincial Championship against “Nasty” Nate Nixon, “Dangerous” Danny Evans, Wrath, “Beautiful” Blake Kannon and a surprise debuting MPW star.

As per usual, the 2020 Eliminator matchup will fall under traditional Eliminator rules. Two competitors will start in the ring, with the remaining four in the opposite corners of the ring. Competitors can tag in and out throughout the match as they please. However, eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, or by going over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. The last man standing will be declared the MPW Provincial Champion.

Tickets for the MPW Eliminator are currently available through any of the promotion’s stars, or any of Monster Pro Wrestling’s social media channels.

Real Canadian Wrestling Results
New Year’s Rampage • Radway, Alberta • January 24
  1. Son of Irish def. Lumberjack Larry Woods
  2. RCW Tag Team Championship Match: RichtorCade (Barricade/Dean Richtor)© def. Cat’s Meow 2.0 (Kato/Tony Machete)
  3. Taryn from Accounting def. Zoë Sager
  4. Goliath from Gargoyles def. “Rugged” Rich King
  5. “The Viking Lord” Vince Austin def. Jason Booker
  6. “Nasty” Nate Nixon def. “God’s Gift to Wrestling” Michael Richard Blais
  7. RCW British Commonwealth Championship Match: Matt Hart© def. The Canadian Goose
  8. RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match: Heavy Metal© def. KB6
Prairie Wrestling Alliance Results
New Year’s Resolution • Edmonton, Alberta • January 25
  1. Colton Kelly def. Jack Pride, Davey O’Doyle, “The Thickness” Reid Matthews, Aiden Adams
  2. Andy Anderson def. Sheik Akbar Shabaz
  3. PWA Women’s Championship Match: Gigi Rey def. Zoë Sager
  4. The Western Lions(Michael Richard Blais/Brandon Van Danielson) def. Bodybreak (Michael Allen Richard Clark/Bobby Sharp)
  5. PWA Resolution Rumble Match: Zoë Sager
Pure Power Wrestling Results
Snow Way Out • Lethbridge, Alberta • January 25
  1. PPW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jumpin’ Josh def. Travis “The Heat” Copeland
  2. Kenn Stevens def. Cyanide
  3. Kat Von Heez def. Angelica (Countout)
  4. Top Talent Forever Championship Match: Top Talent (Heavy Metal/Big Jesse Youngblood) def. The Bad Seeds (Stormbringer/Cowboy Bryn Watts)
  5. PPW Heavyweight Championship Match: Sydney Steele def. Dewey Robson
  6. Steel Cage Match: Bradley Graham def. Kyle Sebastian
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