MLB Survivors Pool Week 3 begins with an obituary for our first two lost players. Fare thee well Pedro Dorantes. Having only correctly selecting the Philadelphia Phillies last week, he gone. To the “thebayareasports” Instagram account, you almost jinxed the Astros against the Padres. Get out of here!

Moving into Week 3, we are adding a new player in Tony D from the message board. Tony agreed to an exemption list of the 6 most used teams thus far to keep the playing field level. Quick run through of the rules - players pick three weekend series and must be correct on two of them to move on. Once they select a team, they cannot re-use the team until all 30 have been selected.

Without further ado, let’s get to this weekend’s picks!

The new guy - Tony D:

  1. Cardinals over Reds; Cards have struggled to start the season. Think a series vs. the Reds will fix that.
  2. Astros over Rangers: The battle of Texas won’t be a battle. The Astros are the dominant team in Texas right now.
  3. Phillies over Rays: The Phillies are a team I expect big things from this year. Think that starts this weekend vs. the Rays.

Alexandro Zatarain - The AOSN

  1. Red Sox over Orioles; Boston’s pitching staff has been one of the best in this young season. To compliment them, their offense has provided the necessary support to win games. Example: the 14-1 beatdown they put on the Yankees on Tuesday night.
  2. Mets over Brewers; Yoenis Cespedes says this is the best team he’s over played on. After the start the Mets have had, one can’t seem to blame him. In just the first few weeks of the season, the Mets feature top-10 pitching and batting. With both Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain battling injuries, the Brewers’ offense may not have the same potency.
  3. Mariners over A’s: I’m putting my money on Mike Leake winning his start on Saturday for the Mariners. Friday and Sunday are the toss up games, in my very humble opinion. Both teams have featured mediocre pitching and their batting isn’t too far apart, with the edge going to the Mariners. If the pitching performs at home, the Mariners should take this series.

 Ian Wilson -

  1. Astros over Rangers; Everything is bigger in Texas, especially Big Sexy. Bartolo Colon just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And the Astros offence is pretty bigly too. I think it will do, well, big things against the Rangers.
  2. Pirates over Marlins; it’s not so much that the Bucs are good but the Marlins are bad. Real bad. I like the Pirates to take out some Marlins while they sail the high seas searching for treasure …. and a new rotation … and a new lineup. Yarr, not feeling great about this selection.
  3. Angels over Royals; let’s see what Sho Time can do against KC. Oh yeah, and that Trout guy is pretty good, too.

Len Nunes

  1. Twins over White Sox; The Twins were my preseason pick to make the playoffs as a Wild Card. For that to come to fruition, beating the White Sox at home is a prerequisite.
  2. Indians over Blue Jays; Edwin Encarnacion batted .368 versus his former Blue Jays teammates last season. His current .136 batting average is going to spike this weekend.
  3. Phillies over Rays; I’m a Vince Velasquez apologist and excited to see a version much closer to the “real” version of Jake Arrieta pitch for the Phillies. That Rhys Hoskins kid everybody was making a big deal about entering the season - yeah he’s batting .364. Is there bonus points for calling a sweep?

pirates.nationn Instagram:

  1. Pirates over Marlins; The Pirates have won 8 of their first 10 and show no signs of slowing down. This offense has lots of potential, and everyone in the lineup is finding a way to get on base. The rotation is doing very well to help shut down the other team’s lineups.
  2. Rockies over Nationals; Despite the Nationals having Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, the Rockies offense is very reliable and consistent. They get the job done when they need too and so does the rotation when they face stiff competition.
  3. Yankees over Tigers; The Tigers do have Michael Fulmer to lead the rotation but the Yankees are just too overpowering of a team. The Yankees won’t even give the Tigers a chance unless Giancarlo Stanton keeps striking out 5 times per game.

Joshua Berube

  1. Cardinals over Reds; this one is simple. One is a playoff contender, one is not.
  2. Angels over Royals; I still like Mike Trout.
  3. Mets over Brewers

everything.sandiego Instagram:

  1. Cubs over Braves; You don’t bet against the Cubs. Yet.
  2. Twins over White Sox
  3. Pirates over Marlins

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MLB Survivors Pool Week 3: Not Everyone Is Back

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