EDMONTON, AB: RCW keeps grabbing headlines, both literally and figuratively.

This morning, the promotion confirmed that former MPW Heavyweight Champion “Headline” Shaun Martens has joined RCW effective immediately.

“Mr. Martens is one of the most hated men in Canadian wrestling, not only by the fans but his peers for his arrogant attitude and better everyone else demeanour,” said Real Canadian Wrestling in a release announcing the signing. “Shaun Martens has also been one of the busiest men on the wrestling scene as he appeared in such companies as CWE, HIW, CWC and many other top promotions, as well (as) travelled the US.”

Martens’ first match is scheduled to take place this Friday at RCW Fear Factor in Calgary against Son of Irish.

“Last time we met in the ring I left you laying son,” said Martens in his first public comments since the announcement. “I promise you, this Saturday there will be no RETRIBUTION for you my 12-year-old friend, just the same result as always. (There’s) only 2 things you can do about it, nothing, and learn to love it.”

Tickets for Fear Factor are available through Real Canadian Wrestling management, or on Showpass.

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