EDMONTON, AB: There have been a number of first-time-ever matchups in the latest reincarnation of Force Pro Wrestling; however, one of next month’s most anticipated matches involves a duo who are more than familiar with each other.

Colton Kelly and Aiden Adams are set to renew their bad blood at Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip, as the promotion confirmed that the two will square off following the events of October 18th.

Of course, last month saw the pair face off at FPW’s return event, the Prelude, in an absolutely brutal battle. Both Kelly and Adams looked hell-bent on destruction through the majority of their tilt, with neither able to put the other away via conventional means. Ever the masochist, Kelly not only put Adams through a table but did so in vicious fashion, leaping from the top rope and nailing the Above Average Joe with a senton to the outside of the ring. Following the manoeuvre, referee Houston Moore called a stop to the match, giving Kelly the TKO victory and setting up November 8th’s rematch.

“Dangerous and sadistic. Words that you, Spencer Love, have described Colton Kelly as,” said Adams to the WCSN. “I think it’s time I rewrite my strategy.”

“No DQ on November 8th? That’s fine. You’ll see the dangerous and sadistic side of Aiden Adams next time you see me in that ring.”

Will Adams be able to gain a bit of revenge at Kelly’s expense? Or, will the Millennial Rebel continue to brutalize the former PWA Tag Team Champion?

Stay tuned to the WCSN for more on Force Pro Wrestling’s next event.

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