EDMONTON, AB: The Sask Boys are back on top.

Tonight’s PWA Fright Night saw the PWA Tag Team Championships on the line in a show-opening tag team match battle royal fought under Royal Rumble rules. The reigning champion Above Average Joes kicked off the evenings’ match, with the teams of Maxton Flexwell and Mo Jabari and the Nightmares entering the fray respectively. It wasn’t until the duo of Space Mountain made their way into the match that we saw our first elimination, with “Spaceman” Beri Grayson taking himself out of the match after attempting an offensive manoeuvre off the back of the Titan.

However, the Spaceman’s exit didn’t provide any relief for the combatants left in the ring. Shortly after Grayson’s elimination, the final entrant of the evening made their way to the ring in former tag team champions the League. It wasn’t long before the pair of Brayden Parsons and Davey O’Doyle began to run roughshod over the entire field of competitors, which before long was down to only the League and erstwhile champion Kenny Stryker.

Though Stryker was at an obvious disadvantage, he was able to bring the fight to both Parsons and O’Doyle - at least, for a little bit. However, it wasn’t long before the duo were able to subdue their opponent, both due to a timely low-blow from Parsons as well as simply effective tag-team work. Though Stryker was able to eliminate Parsons, it was an elimination that, frankly, worked to his disadvantage. Shortly after heading over the top rope, Parsons re-emerged from the ringside area and grabbed Stryker’s arms behind his back. With the Above Average Joe neutralized, O’Doyle was able to lay in a massive lariat to eliminate Stryker and win the tag team titles.

The win kicks off the duo’s second reign with the championships. Conversely, the Above Average Joes reign is now over after 127 days.

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