EDMONTON, AB: Force Pro Wrestling certainly kicked off its return with a bang on Friday, October 18th; now, it looks as though the promotion is pushing the boundaries in anticipation of their first 18+ event, Just the Tip.

On Friday, November 8th, Alberta will host the first-ever intergender main event in the pro wrestling history in the province, as Kayla Jaye is set to face off with the man she defeated at The PreludeMichael Richard Blais. 

“(On) October 18th, Force Pro Wrestling made its return in what could only be considered a success for everyone involved, but as a wrestler, it wasn’t a success for me,” commented Blais to the WCSN. “I got pinned by Kayla Jaye, and that’s cool because it means I got pinned by a damn good pro wrestler.”

“Luckily for me,” he continued, “even before that happened, I had agreed to this match at Force Pro’s first 18+ adult-only show to prove a point. If you’re good, you’re good. It’s just wrestler vs wrestler. Now I get the added bonus of getting a bit of revenge.”

The match marks the first time Blais and Jaye have faced off one-on-one.

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Jaye, of course, was the one who shockingly scored the winning pinfall on Blais in the main event of The Prelude. That match saw Jaye and Blais team with Dylon Stone and Zoë Sager, respectively. Though the team of Blais and Sager looked to have things won in the late goings of the match, a well-timed Canadian Destroyer and a massive superkick put Blais down for the three-count and handed Jaye and Stone the victory.

“Why don’t we just show the ending to The Prelude again…and again…and again,” said Jaye when asked for comment.

“That’s all I have to say”

Stay tuned to the WCSN on any further Force Pro Wrestling updates.

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