EDMONTON, AB: Force Pro Wrestling confirmed the first match of their return show on Wednesday morning; now, it’s the women’s turn to announce a marquee matchup of their own.

Two of Alberta’s top female talents are set to face off at Force Pro Wrestling: The Prelude, as PWA Women’s Champion Zoë Sager is scheduled to face three-time women’s champ Kayla Jaye.

“(The) last time Kayla and I were in the ring together, I came out on top,” commented Sager to the WCSN. “Friday the 18th will be no different.”

Though Sager and Jaye may have sought out different trainers early in their careers, the pair are remarkably similar in-ring. The two are incredibly well-rounded competitors; though Jaye may hold the slight edge in both experience and agility, Sager’s no slouch in either department. Both feature an immense amount of strength, too; despite Sager and Jaye’s respective statures, the two have proven themselves capable of out-powering any opponent, including the likes of Kat Von Heez, Kylie Morgan and Angelica.

Friday’s matchup marks the third time Jaye and Sager have faced off one-on-one inside the squared circle. The pair have split their previous two tilts, with Sager picking up the win in their most recent encounter. The Prelude marks the proverbial rubber match between the two.

Given their impressive resume’s, it’s not out-of-line to suggest that Sager and Jaye mark the apex of the women’s wrestling scene in Alberta; now, both will try to prove their dominance over the other in the return of Force Pro Wrestling.

“Zoë is a friend. But this is a business and I want to win,” stated Jaye on her opponent. “So, on Friday, Oct 18th, I will prove who is better. I can promise you that.”

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