Monster Pro Wrestling had their most recent show this past Saturday night at the Alberta Avenue Hall, featuring a debut of a controversial bad character, a Cheetahbear looking to gain some gold, strange bed-fellows looking to put their differences aside in search of silencing some Cats, and a Lumberjack looking to break Headlines. In the end, however, it looked like we were back in the ’80s and ’90s with a Terminator Movie being the main feature of the night.

To start the show, Referee Ben began with an opening promo. He officially announced that Colonel Carmine Sanders has suffered an illness and has resigned from his Commissioner position in MPW. He is being replaced with Ring Announcer Jimmi Zero. Personally, I feel Sanders came down with a case of Pogonophobia (look it up) but hopefully they find some stability in that position since the position became vacant by yours truly in December 2018.

Let’s break it all down.

Dalsano def. King B

After failing to capture MPW Heavyweight gold last time MPW was at the Alberta Ave, King B took on a completely different challenge this month. The Chilean Devil, Dalsano, was looking to make a name for himself in this match and get his name in the title picture. This match was very even between both competitors, but unfortunately, referee Ben was hit with an inadvertent kick by Dalsano, while trapped in a fireman’s carry. Dalsano took advantage, raking the eyes of the former Tag Team Champion and hitting him with not only one, but two flying knees a la Daniel Bryan, for the 1-2-3 and a tainted victory for Dalsano. Whether by hook or by crook, Dalsano now owns a victory over the former Tag Team Champion and should be in line for a shot at championship gold himself.

High Octane (Ajax/Pro Payne) vs. Dad Bod Squad (Rick Jules/James Crowder): No Contest

This match is a result of last month’s single match between Rick Jules and Pro Payne. Prior to that match, James Crowder was apparently attacked and not available to be in Jules’ corner, which led to a post-match beatdown by High Octane. Now that the sides were even, this was more of an even contest. With the Squad gaining the temporary advantage by attacking the slower team, it looked like Jules was going to get the revenge he was looking for. However, with one simple boot, High Octane was able to turn the tides. Isolating on Crowder, who appeared to still be weakened from last month’s beatdown, Ajax and Pro Payne looked to have the match in hand. Fortunately, however, a mistake by the new team led to a hot tag to Jules, who came in like a house of fire. Jules took apart both ends of High Octane. It appeared that High Octane was about to run out of gas completely, and fall to Jules, when the Tattoo Terminators entered the ring and took apart both teams in the ring, forcing the No Contest.

Massive Damage and Wrath, the Tattoo Terminators, were furious about being excluded from tonight’s card and wanted to let everyone know that they dominate Monster Pro Wrestling. New Commissioner Jimmi Zero got both on the mic and in Massive Damage’s face. Fearlessly, he informed the Terminators that they will be included in the Renegade Tag Team tournament August 3, only if they leave the facility immediately. The Terminators leave, somewhat satisfied.

Mitch Clarke def. Sultan Singh

After that nonsense, the fans were “treated” to the arrival of the newest member of the MPW roster, Sultan Singh. While he was VERY hard to understand on the mic, from what I could make out he claims to be one of the members of the famous Singh family, and he is in MPW to destroy everyone on the roster. Given his ring gear and garb, this person looked like a throwback to traditional 80’s characters*. Interrupting Singh’s diatribe was Danger Zone Mitch Clarke, who was steaming after losing the MPW Tag Team Championships last month. Clarke is in there to issue a challenge, and to silence Singh with his fists.

This match simply proved how dangerous Mitch Clarke really is. His no-nonsense approach to this match led to it be finished quickly, with Clarke cinching in a new finishing hold, a version of a sharpshooter and an abdominal stretch.  Singh had no choice but to tap out.  However, following the tap out, Clarke refused to release the hold. Only when his tag team partner Lumberjack Larry came out did Clarke finally release the hold. In the ring, it seemed that the former Renegade Tag Champs are at odds, with Larry not being there to defend the titles last month at the Ave. Clarke marched out on his own, leaving Larry confused.

*to put it nicely. - SL

Sexy Samantha def. Taryn from Accounting (Sirens Champion Phoenix Special Guest Referee)

After coming up short last show in Blue Quill, Taryn from Accounting looked to get a hint of revenge on the former MPW Sirens Champion. However, one of the major factors in last show’s victory for Sam, Provincial Champion Beautiful Blake Kannon, was ejected from ringside by Commissioner Zero to the delight of the crowd.

Once the match began, it appeared to be more of a 50/50 contest than what occurred last show. Taryn showed that she had been training hard for this match and took it to Samantha. Unfortunately, the crafty veteran found a small hole in the attack and managed to turn the tides on Taryn. However, every time Samantha tried to cover Taryn from Accounting, she managed to kick out. Frustrated, Samantha began to look for desperate measures, grabbing the Sirens title from ringside. Intent on bashing Taryn in the head with the title, Samantha was stopped by Phoenix, who grabbed the title from behind. A tug of war with the title between the two. The championship soon slipped from Phoenix’s hands, but the momentum sent the belt crashing into a dazed Taryn’s face, knocking her out. Samantha took advantage of the situation, forcing Phoenix to count Taryn out to win the match.

While Sam picked the win, that may not be the story here. Following the match, Taryn was absolutely furious about what happened, somewhat blaming Phoenix for the loss.  More to come here in the future…

MPW RENEGADE TAG CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Cat’s Meow (Kato and Nate Nixon) def. Rich King/Kid Cyrus

Before the match, Blake Kannon once again attempted to join the Cat’s at ringside, only to be tossed by Commissioner Zero. This gave a huge advantage to the challengers, who had put their Provincial Title aspirations aside to take out the Cats and win the Tag Team Titles.

This match was a display of technical wrestling, and high-flying, that was off the charts. Two men to point out in this match, in particular, are Rich King, who I was told during intermission looked like “a young Randy Orton in there” (I can see it), and Kato, who seemed to turn his game up a notch in this match. Over the last few months, even up to a year, you have seen more of a “relaxed” side of Kato, with a lot more comedy taking priority to the wrestling prowess that he exudes. Tonight, Kato showed moments of the wrestler he can be when pushed, and one that made him one of the top athletes in this province, period.

Near the end, it appeared that Rich King had the Champions ready to tap out to the Klondike Klutch, his version of the Rings of Saturn when out of nowhere the Tattoo Terminators appeared at ringside. Getting into an argument with King at ringside, and causing a distraction to the referee, Nate Nixon hit a low blow and rolled up Kid Cyrus for the 1-2-3. Yet another tainted victory for the new Tag Team Champions.

Again, following the match, Commissioner Zero got on the mic admonishing the Tattoo Terminators, suspending them until the Tag Team Tournament August 3.  He mentioned that if they appear to interfere again, Massive Damage would be fired.  Massive stated that he had an iron-clad contract and left anyway. This was not the last we have seen of the Tattoo Terminators tonight.

MPW PROVINCIAL TITLE MATCH: Jude Dawkins def. Blake Kannon (c) via Disqualification

Blake Kannon was going into this match facing his biggest challenge to date. The former Ripper Challenge Champion, Jude Dawkins, was granted this match following his loss of the Ripper Title to Massive Damage last month, with his effort in the handicap match against both Terminators being the major reason the match was granted.

Dawkins looked to take control of this match early, exuding his power advantage on the “Beautiful One”. Frankly, Main Event Blake seemed a little dishevelled by Dawkins at every corner. Unfortunately, speaking of corners, in Kannon’s was the returning Sexy Samantha, and she was definitely put to use in this match. Whether it be a distraction following a knockout shot by Dawkins or picking an ankle outside of the referee’s vision, she was able to turn the tide of this match. Dawkins looked to overcome the odds until the end. With Kannon distracting the official, Sam splashed some powder in the eyes of the Cheetahbear, blinding the challenger.  While blinded, Dawkins unintentionally hit the referee with the Abbey Road Crossing, and Sam snuck in to count the fall.  Dawkins thought that he had won the match, but while still being blinded, Kannon clocked Dawkins with the Provincial Title. Sam helped the referee back to consciousness, rather forcibly, and he counted the 1-2-3. Kannon had appeared to win, but after a discussion with Commissioner Zero, the decision was reversed to a disqualification victory for Dawkins for the interference by Sam. Following the match, Commissioner Zero guaranteed a Heavyweight Title shot for his effort tonight against the Provincial Champion.

Personally, this confuses me; why would this not be another Provincial Title shot? If this is the case, I’d prefer to take on the Provincial Champion and win by disqualification or count-out rather than earn my way to the Heavyweight Title.

MPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Lumberjack Larry def. Shaun Martens (c) via Disqualification

This match had been anticipated for months in Monster Pro Wrestling. After the Headline Shaun Martens took on both members of Wrestling Royal-TY in singles competition, both relatively new to singles matches, his newest challenger is one of the senior members of the MPW roster. Lumberjack Larry was stuffed in a car last month and was not able to defend the Tag Team Championships against the Cat’s Meow, but Saturday saw him able to take out his frustrations on the MPW Champion.

This match was a technical showcase between both men. Martens looked to establish his physical dominance throughout, while Larry utilized both his quickness and unique offensive style to pick apart the Champion. The pair went at it pillar-to-post trying to come up with a victory. Unfortunately, Larry was the first to make a grave mistake, heading up to the top rope looking for his patented leg drop. When he missed, Martens took advantage. The Headline systematically picked apart the mid-section and head of his challenger. However, when Martens went for his version of Dream Street - a Cobra Clutch into a Saito Suplex - Larry managed to escape and hit his Log Roller Senton. Again, Larry headed up to the top rope, and this time the Leg Drop connected. However, as Referee Ben is about to count the 1-2-3 and crown a new champion, the crowd was once again graced with an appearance by the Tattoo Terminators. They pull Ben out of the ring, nail the referee, and begin to attack Lumberjack Larry, causing an obvious Disqualification.

Following the match, the Terminators continued to attack Larry, looking to finish off the Lumberjack with a spike piledriver. However, Mitch Clarke entered the ring with a steel chair. The Terminators cleared out, and Commissioner Zero entered the ring. Determined to fire Massive Damage, Zero was cut off by Clarke. Mitch has a better idea. Clarke demanded Lumberjack Larry and Mitch Clarke versus the Tattoo Terminators in the first round of the Renegade Tag Team Tournament August 3. Commissioner Zero booked the match, but with the added stipulation that if the Terminators lose that match, Massive Damage was fired, to enormous cheers from the crowd at the Alberta Avenue Hall.

Mike’s Take

The athletes in MPW did a hell of a job tonight, but it seems the booking strikes again.  In seven matches tonight, we had six dirty finishes.  This has become not only a staple of MPW but one of its most damaging features. Not one of the current MPW Champions has had a clean victory since they have won the titles. At least with the Renegade tournament looming, hopefully, we will have some kind of clean finish with a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match.

The biggest issue I have with the show is how a card featuring matches with all the new talents in MPW, the future of MPW, and the focus seems to be on the Tattoo Terminators. It seemed like being in the Terminator movies, where the segments with these two just won’t die. In a two-hour show, having three segments with one faction seems to take away from the other matches on the show.  All this could have been wrapped up in one, maybe two segments.

That being out of the way, a good number of wrestlers stepped up tonight. Rich King was on another level that we haven’t seen in this newcomer. Mitch Clarke showed a level of intensity we have not seen since coming over from the UFC. “The Asian Adonais” Kato showed glimpses of the old Asian Assassin that wrestling fans seen earlier in his career. Finally, this was the best main event MPW has produced in months, sans the finish.  Congratulations to Martens and Larry for that.

Up Next

Monster Pro Wrestling has two shows coming up in the month of August, with the Nelson Mayer Memorial Tag Team Tournament August 3.  This will feature 8 teams, with the finale being a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match for the MPW Renegade Tag Team Titles.

Also on the docket is Monster Pro Wrestling’s return to Lloydminster in later August.  Details to be released soon.

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