EDMONTON, AB: Another first-time-ever matchup is set to take place in Force Pro Wrestling.

In a video obtained by the WCSN earlier today, it was confirmed that Jack Pride will take on reigning PWA Women’s Champion Zoë Sager at November 8th’s Just the Tip event.

While Sager had initially requested to face off with Dylon Stone at next month’s show due to a vicious Saturday Night Special at The Prelude, the latter was able to goad Pride into taking on the match himself. In a quote obtained by the WCSN, FPW head promoter Ivan Thomsen sanctioned the match.

“It has come to my attention that Dylon Stone decided to find a proxy for his scheduled match against Zoë Sager at Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip,” commented Thomsen. “After reviewing the video of the proposition between Mr. Pride and Mr. Stone, I have decided to let the proxy fill in. However, if Mr. Stones’ proxy fails to win the match, Mr. Stone will have to defend his Alberta title against Zoë in January.”

Both Pride and Sager come into November 8th’s matchup with winning streaks on the line. Sager is undefeated in singles competition since January, racking up wins against the likes of Kat Von Heez, Kylie Morgan and Ally Zwicker. On the other hand, Pride has picked up a pair of statement wins in defeating both “Spaceman” Beri Grayson and Michael Richard Blais in singles competition over the past two weeks. Though both Sager and Pride represent two of Alberta’s top stars, one streak will fall on November 8th.

Stay tuned to the WCSN for all your updates heading into Force Pro Wrestling: Just the Tip.

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