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Stories From the Past Week

Spencer Love

How do you stop the Tampa Bay Lightning? With the Bolts on a three game winning streak (yet again), and the Jets losers of two straight, how do you slow down the hottest offence in the league? It’s something that the rest of the NHL has been trying to find out for the entirety of the season, with little to no result. With one of the top goaltenders in the league, a stellar defensive game, and a line hot enough to make Hades jealous, there’s no way I see them losing today.

Believe it or not, there is an interesting trend developing in Florida. No team has given Tampa Bay a loss after playing The Panthers in their most recent game, regardless if they had a break in-between the games. Teams have also been known to underperform substantially in many categories. This growing list of victims includes: New York Islanders, Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets, Anaheim Ducks, and now potentially the Jets. This could be sheer coincidence, or even chalked up to home ice advantage, but who can really tell.

Arik Krause

We’re officially a third through the NHL season for most teams. The New Jersey Devils have come to life in the past week and sit in the top 3 of Metropolitan Division, with Taylor Hall quietly leading the Devils in points with 29. Impressive rookie performances from the likes of Hischier, Bratt, and Butcher have resulted in the Devils taking hold of the top spot in the Metro earlier this week. Whether this is sustainable or not is yet to be seen. The Metropolitan is the toughest division in hockey in my opinion. I wouldn’t be  surprised if the Penguins and Capitals come roaring back in the second half of the 2017/2018  season as the Caps and Pens are perennial powerhouses in the Metro.

Ben Ferguson

In my recent articles it can be seen that I enjoy poking fun at the Montreal Canadiens, however; this piece is different. The Canadiens play of late hasn’t been remarkable, however, it’s completely turned around from earlier in the season. The reason? CAREY PRICE. Despite posting a 1-1-1 record since last Saturday, Price has kept the Canadiens in games. Since Price’s return, Price has posted a 7-1-1 record, and also equally important Price’s GAA and SV% have improved significantly. In my opinion, Price is the focal point of the Canadiens, and by far their best player. Not to mention, the month of November itself supports my claims. There are very few players who have an impact on an organization like Price does.

In the event of the Canadiens turning around their season around and finishing in the top of the Eastern Conference, there should be absolutely no reason why Price doesn’t deserve to be awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy for the second time in his career. In addition, Price would join the elite company of Dominik Hasek; Becoming the second Goaltender to be awarded The Hart Memorial Trophy twice.

WinColumnSports Saturday Picks

Games Spencer Love Ben Ferguson Arik Krause
Blues @ Redwings Blues Blues  Blues
Islanders @ Bruins Islanders Bruins  Islanders
Oilers @ Canadiens Oilers Canadiens  Canadiens
Jets @ Lightning Lightning Lightning  Lightning
Avalanche @ Panthers Avalanche Panthers  Avalanche
Devils @ Rangers Rangers Rangers  Devils
Maples Leafs @ Penguins Penguins Penguins  Maple Leafs
Coyotes @ Blue Jackets Blue Jackets Blue Jackets  Blue Jackets
Golden Knights @ Stars Golden Knights Stars  Stars
Senators @ Sharks Senators Sharks  Sharks
Canucks @ Flames Canucks Canucks  Flames
Hurricanes @ Kings Kings Kings  Kings
Last Week’s Record 6-6 8-4 8-4
Record to Date 6-6 8-4 8-4

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