The generation I am from spanking was a form of discipline not child abuse. It was a means of teaching little ones respect for rules put in place by authority. Methinks many a baseball fan needs a good spanking in regards to an infamous New York Yankees policy.

For those of you who do not know, the Yankees have a “no facial hair” or “long hair” policy that is strictly enforced throughout their playing roster. The policy was introduced in 1973 and the examples are numerous of players who have been acquired by the Bronx Bombers that had to change their appearance to play for the team. Enter Clint Frazier.

Acquired at last season’s trade deadline from the Cleveland Indians, Frazier’s hair has earned more headlines than his play thus far in spring training. What in the curly red-haired hell is the hullabaloo about asking a rookie ( a freaking rookie!) to follow a 44-year-old rule?

If he worked for McDonald’s would he be allowed to not wear a hairnet? If he were to join the military, would he be exempted from having to follow their hair protocol? Somewhere between McDonald’s and the military sits the Yankees baseball organization and I am proud that they are unwavering in their commitment to policy!

I am not from New York or a Yankees fan so this opinion does not come from a bias point of view. The point of view is based on the concept of respect. A concept the following quote from Frazier indicates he does understand:

I like my hair, but I love playing for this organization more.

Whereas once upon a time one asked himself how they be a cog in the wheel of success, in the age of social media “rage against the machine” is what gets you the most “likes” and/or “retweets”. It is like comparing Derek Jeter to Alex Rodriguez. One quietly went about his day-to-day business doing his best to keep the focus on the team. The other never shied away from the spotlight working for the team put on him on-and-off the field which created distractions.

Let’s play ball!

New York Yankees Clint Frazier Cut His Hair, Get Over It!
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