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There isn’t a person alive who can tell me that Bayley isn’t the most disappointing wrestler of 2017. She was the female face of NXT for so long, a character that was universally loved and cheered. She was relatable. When she was called up to the main roster after Summerslam, Brooklyn went nuts. But WWE immediately put the loveable underdog into title contention within her first few months, had her end Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak due to a ton of interference, had her cleanly retain the title at Wrestlemania and then lose to Alexa Bliss in an extremely underwhelming match. Now, Bayley gets booed - something no NXT fan from 2016 would ever believe.

Bayley is not dead in the water, but 2017 wasn’t Bayley’s year - her character needs to adapt a little to differences between WWE & NXT. Seeds of a Sasha - Bayley rivalry could bring out the best in both of them. Bayley simply needs to be built from the ground up. Every underdog should be, from Johnny Gargano to Daniel Bryan. Bayley needs work too - her promos are too robotic for one, and her character needs to adapt to a bit more grown up, someone who isn’t afraid to use a Kendo stick.

I have faith in Bayley, but both sides need to improve on a dreadful 2017. 2018 is looking better though - and I hope that momentum continues.


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