#7 - Neville

Hayden Love

This list isn’t about disappointing talents being promoted to the main roster; it’s about disappointing runs by mostly phenomenal talent, my primary case being Neville.

Nobody can dispute his run as a Cruiserweight, which included a great string of matches against Austin Aries in particular; however, beyond that not much stands out. That doesn’t speak to his skill, but the level of his opponents. His brief run on the main roster working against Rollins, Jericho, and Cena gave some standout matches before he injured himself, and he certainly would have given more. It remains to be seen whether or not he will return or sit out his contract, but we just look forward to seeing the former King of the Cruiserweights wrestling again.

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When a Promotion Isn’t a Promotion: NXT’s Greatest Disappointments
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Spencer Love

Once stood in front of Cedric Alexander in line at a hotel. Slightly big deal.

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