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Spencer Love

Tyler Breeze is a phenomenal example of someone who’s career is in no way a failure, but is definitely disappointing to this writer. It’s definitely a biased opinion; I was lucky enough to watch him in his Prairie Wrestling Alliance days in Alberta, when he was still billed at Mattias Wild. Even in those days, he was a fantastic wrestler; now, I’d put him in a class with Luke Harper as the most underrated wrestler in WWE.

Unlike many of his peers on this list, Breeze was never a champion in NXT; while receiving more than one title shot, he was never victorious in his pursuit. However, even as a heel, “Prince Pretty” was one of the most popular members of the roster. His character was a hit, and even in defeat was putting on consistently entertaining matches with the likes of Neville, Tyson Kidd and CJ Parker. In fact, Breeze remains the only man to wrestle the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger under a WWE banner, a huge accomplishment for the Canadian.

Unfortunately, shortly after his main roster debut, Breeze went on a 20-match losing streak, being defeated by names such as Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder. While his fortunes have changed as part of Breezango, Breeze deserves to be more than part of an (admittedly awesome) comedy tag-team.

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