OTTR is back for episode 37!

Same name, same look, but an all-new format in this week’s episode of the WCSN’s flagship podcast, Over the Top Rope! Last week, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance hosted PWA Retribution, one of the most shocking evenings in company history, and your host Spencer Love was there to capture all the live reaction from members of the roster. This week’s guests and topics:

  • Michael Allen Richard Clark on his career thus far and the pursuit of championships, just moments before capturing his second PWA Heavyweight Championship.
  • Shaun Moore and Davey O’Doyle on touring the world together, training with the NJPW Dojo, and why the Sask Boys are taking over the industry

It’s only available on the flagship podcast of the WCSN, OTTR!

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Over the Top Rope XXXVII: The Sask Boys Special Edition

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Over the Top Rope XXXVII: PWA Retribution w/ The Sask Boys

Spencer Love

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