EDMONTON, AB: The Longest Name in Professional Wrestling is back on top.

Through a shocking turn of events to close out Saturday evening’s PWA Retribution, Michael Allen Richard Clark defeated Michael Richard Blais for the PWA Championship.

“But wait,” says you, the dear reader of this article, “wasn’t Kenneth Anthony the PWA Champion prior to Saturday’s action?”

Let’s recap.

Saturday evening’s scheduled main event saw the aforementioned Blais battling then-titleholder Anthony for the PWA Championship. Given the history between the two men, many expected the tilt to be a full-on war, and the two didn’t just exceed expectations, they blew them out of the water. Frankly, it was yet another mat classic courtesy of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, with both MRB and the PWA Champion careening about the ring like a pair of pinballs. Anthony’s incredible ability to wear down his opponent was only matched by Blais’ heart. Time and time again, God’s Gift to Wrestling was able to kick out of even the best finishing attempts from the leader of the Millennial Rebels. While Anthony was on top of his game, it simply felt as though it was Blais’ night. For a fleeting moment, it was.

In the end, it was a picture-perfect Sharpshooter than ended Kenneth Anthony’s brief championship reign. It had been 428 days since Blais had last held the PWA Championship, and it was clear that God’s Gift to Wrestling was as emotional about the victory as the capacity crowd at the Northgate Lions Centre. It was a perfect way to cap off an excellent evening of in-ring action.

Or so we thought.

As the PWA faithful celebrated their folk hero’s victory, PWA Edmonton commissioner Thaddeus Archer III made his way to ringside, ostensibly to congratulate Blais on yet another mat classic. After congratulating MRB on his championship victory, however, Archer’s words began to take a dark turn.

You’re the perfect champion - of another era,” said Archer. “Not MY era. You’re not MY PWA Champion.”

Gesturing to the curtain, Archer grinned as Michael Allen Richard Clark entered the ringside area. Turning to ring announcer What About Ivan, Thaddeus confusingly told the PWA veteran to start the match. Despite his obvious reluctance, Ivan obliged, and as quickly as the bell rung, Clark had hit a massive cutter on the perplexed Michael Richard Blais. Fortunately, Blais was able to kick out of the initial pinfall attempt, and the two began to go to war.

It was clear that neither wanted to be outdone in their pursuit of the PWA Championship. Despite both men working earlier in the evening - Blais mere minutes beforehand - the two both hit hard and heavy in their chase for the championship. Following MARC’s early cutter, Blais, too, looked to solidify a victory early with a patented brainbuster. However, Clark was able to power through and avoid the loss. Shortly after, the Body Break star returned the favour with a massive hurricarana from the top rope that looked to have Blais finished. However, in an impressive display of athleticism, MRB landed on his feet to the shock and delight of the crowd in attendance.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before TAIII made his presence known yet again. After connecting with a massive 450 splash, Blais attempted yet another pinfall. However, as the referee counted the pin, Archer pulled him out of the ring and prevented the three-count from being hit. As the PWA audience expressed their disgust, both Blais and Clark regained their composure. In the midst of the confusion, Clark collected the PWA Championship and struck Blais with a devastating shot across the face. Disposing of the title, Clark scrambled to pin the prone Blais as Archer forced the referee back into the ring. Mere seconds later, Clark’s hand was raised in victory.

The means of getting there may not be popular, but Michael Allen Richard Clark stands as the top heavyweight champion in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. However, with Thaddeus Archer by his side, he doesn’t stand alone.

Welcome to the Era of Archer.

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