It’s nearly playoff time for the National Hockey League. With this exciting time for hockey fans, many look to who will be playing who in the first round. Also, this is the time to look at what some call “The Bubble Teams.” The bubble teams are the franchises that are close to the playoffs, but have just as good chance of making it, as they do sitting out the playoffs.

Typically, there are one or two teams per division that can be considered bubble teams. It’s quite obvious who will be the definite top three teams in each team’s respective division. However, the wildcard positions are always the ones teams are fighting for.

As most know, there are only two wildcard spots per conference. So towards this point in the season, every game counts. Players must stay healthy, and there can’t be costly mistakes in games. Players who have also been in a slump also need to avoid that situation here on out.

There are limited teams this year, since there is a lot of domination within the divisions. The Western Conference doesn’t really have any definition-bubble teams, since the top teams are secured in the playoffs, and those below the wildcard standings are too far gone to have a chance at the wildcard or top three per division.

Eastern Conference Bubble Teams that Need to Burst for the Playoffs

Ben Grieco

Ben Grieco is a High School Senior looking to get his name out there. He is attending SUNY Oswego next year to major in journalism. He loves to write about hockey, and is a die-hard fan of the Syracuse Crunch and Tampa Bay Lightning. This love for hockey makes him want to play it someday, but he can't skate.

One thought on “Eastern Conference Bubble Teams that Need to Burst for the Playoffs

  • March 27, 2021 at 11:32 am

    I agree with all of the bubble teams listed here. It’ll be a crazy ride to the finish for some teams - an end I’m excited to see. This is how I’m seeing it pan-out:

    #1 Capitals
    #2 Blue Jackets
    #3 Penguins
    WC1 NY Rangers

    #1 Canadiens
    #2 Senators
    #3 Bruins (I really do think they can over take Toronto)
    WC2 Toronto

    With all of the ups-and-downs from the Lightning this season, unless they can somehow control how other teams do, and they keep winning, I don’t see them making it - they’re too far gone, even if it is only a matter of 3-ish points.

    The Islanders, I believe, don’t have enough to overtake the Bruins or Maple Leafs, even if the Isles consistently win. But, like with everything else, we’ll see what happens.

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