EDMONTON, AB: Real Canadian Wrestling sure knows how to kick off a new decade.

On Saturday, January 4th, two titans of the Albertan wrestling scene will clash for the first time ever as “The Original” Marky challenges Heavy Metal for the RCW Heavyweight Championship. Despite the two’s long history together, the January 4th matchup marks the first time the two have gone one-on-one inside the squared circle.

“I have had a lot of firsts in my life,” mused Heavy Metal, the longest-reigning RCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion of all-time. “My first wrestling match. First tour. First Championship. First TV Taping. First PPV. First IPPV. First Ring Rat. Hell… First Girlfriend. First kiss. First… Well, you know.”

“But dare I say, on January 4th in Edmonton, this “first” will be the sweetest first of all.”

“Metal vs. Marky.”

“One on One.”

“RCW Heavyweight Championship.”

“First. Time. Ever.”

“He won’t be walkin’ right for a week.”

It’s difficult to oversell how big this match truly is. Both men represent the absolute apex of Albertan pro wrestling; with over 30 years of combined in-ring experience split between the two, there are few who can match up to either Metal or Marky’s veteran savvy in the ring. Each boasts an incredibly impressive resume; both men have held numerous championships across a number of different promotions, with Metal currently in the midst of extending the longest-ever cumulative run with RCW’s top title in the championships’ history. Since regaining the championship from the Aussie Legend in June, Heavy Metal has dispatched of every challenger in his way, from Brice “The Slammer” Sova to Cody Chimera.

However, Marky quite easily marks Metal’s toughest test yet. The Original has been one of Alberta’s top wrestlers since beginning his career nearly two decades ago. Marky is one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in Western Canada, equally capable of taking to the skies or working his opponent on the ground. In the past year, Marky’s shared the ring with the likes of Johnny Devine and Juventud Guerrera and more than held his own against the legends, but frankly, there’s simply no one quite like Heavy Metal.

Will the Original add another Heavyweight Championship to his resume? Or, will the leader of Top Talent continue to make history?

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