CALGARY, AB - The second era of Metal has begun.

At last night’s RCW event in Calgary, Alberta, Heavy Metal of Top Talent captured the RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship from former champion “The Aussie Legend.”

The win marks the beginning of the second championship reign for Metal following his record-setting 545-day reign as RCW Champion from 2017-late 2018.

In an interesting note, both Heavy Metal and his teammate in Top Talent, Big Jess Youngblood, now hold the top two spots for cumulative days as champion through Real Canadian Wrestling. Youngblood has held the promotion’s top championship across four reigns for a total of 553 days, while Metal only slightly trails with a total of 546 and counting following his victory on Friday night.

While no official announcement has been made on whether the title will be defended, Metal is scheduled to take on Brice “The Slammer” Sova in a Jailhouse Rules match at tonight’s RCW Boiling Point event in Edmonton.

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BREAKING: Heavy Metal Wins RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship

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