EDMONTON, AB: It’s called the wrestling business for a reason, and if you’re Thaddeus Archer III, then brother, business is good.

Tonight, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance returns to Edmonton for their 2nd show of the year, PWA Fruition. Though we may only be two months into 2020, the landscape of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance has dramatically shifted since the calendar changed. The Era of Archer is in full effect, with the dastardly commissioner impressing his own unique brand of cacophony upon tonight’s card. The Era of Archer Gauntlet Match is scheduled to headline tonight’s event, with Michael Richard Blais putting his career on the line for an opportunity at the PWA Heavyweight Championship at next month’s PWA 19th-Anniversary Show. To do so, he’ll have to go through the triumvirate of Davey O’Doyle, Bobby Sharp and Andy Anderson - a daunting task to say the least. Unfortunately, he also enters the evening with no semblance of backup, as his Western Lions cohort has been scheduled to challenge PWA Heavyweight Champion Michael Allen Richard Clark for the top prize in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. I have to begrudgingly give Archer his dues; the commissioner truly has thought of everything as far as this evening’s event goes.

Archer, however, isn’t the only agent of change that currently calls the Prairie Wrestling Alliance their home promotion. There’s a brand-new titleholder on top of the women’s division in Gigi Rey, and tonight, she’ll step back inside the ring for the first time since winning her title at January’s PWA New Year’s Resolution. However, tonight also marks the first opportunity Zoë Sager has at getting her hands on the woman who stole her championship just under a month ago, as she’ll team with “The Thickness” Reid Matthews in taking on Rey and “The Man of Two Minds” Jack Pride.

Elsewhere on the card, two tag team specialists in Aiden Adams and “Spaceman” Beri Grayson will duke it out and Taryn from Accounting will meet Kat Von Heez inside the squared circle for the first time ever.

Let’s get set for tonight’s event!

Announced Match Card:
  • Gigi Rey/Jack Pride vs. Zoë Sager/”The Thickness” Reid Matthews
  • Aiden Adams vs. “Spaceman” Beri Grayson
  • Taryn from Accounting vs. Kat Von Heez
  • PWA Heavyweight Championship Match: Michael Allen Richard Clark vs. Brandon Van Danielson
  • The Era of Archer Gauntlet Match: Michael Richard Blais vs. Andy Anderson, Davey O’Doyle & Bobby Sharp
News & Notes:
Records (2020):

Zoë Sager (2-1 singles, 1-0 battle royal)

Davey O’Doyle (2-1 singles)

Colton Kelly (1-0 singles, 2-0 tag team)

Mo Jabari (2-0 tag team)

Brandon Van Danielson (0-1 singles, 2-0 tag team)

Michael Richard Blais (0-1 singles, 2-0 tag team)

Michael Allen Richard Clark (1-0 singles, 0-2 tag team)

Gigi Rey (1-0 singles)

Andy Anderson (1-0 singles)

Brayden Parsons (1-0 singles)

Kat Von Heez (1-0 singles)

“The Thickness” Reid Matthews (1-1 singles, 0-1 tag team)

Jack Pride (1-1 singles, 0-1 tag team)

Kylie Morgan (0-1 singles)

Sheik Shabaz (0-2 singles)

Aiden Adams (0-2 singles)

“Spaceman” Beri Grayson (0-1 singles, 0-1 tag team)

The Titan (0-1 singles, 0-1 tag team)

Bobby Sharp (0-2 tag team)

Taryn from Accounting (0-1 singles)

Nightmare #2 (0-1 singles)

Fun Facts:
  • Neither Colton Kelly or Mo Jabari of the Millennial Rebels have suffered a pinfall or submission loss through 2020.
  • Tonight’s matchup marks the first time that Taryn from Accounting and Kat Von Heez have faced off one-on-one
  • Jack Pride and “The Thickness” Reid Matthews will also be across the squared circle from each other for the first time ever.
  • Gigi Rey will take part in her first matchup since winning the PWA Women’s Championship at last month’s PWA New Year’s Resolution
Spencer’s Three-Count
  • What is there to say about the Era of Archer Gauntlet? It’s far from the first time that obstacles have been placed in the path of Michael Richard Blais, but it’s likely the first he’s had to face this level of competition in a single matchup. The prospect of having to face off with the trio of Davey O’Doyle, Bobby Sharp and Andy Anderson through the course of a single match is daunting enough in and of itself, but to put your career on the line is absolute madness to say the least.
  • Tonight’s mixed tag matchup looks to be an absolute banger. While I wasn’t on-hand to see the relationship breakdown between “The Thickness” Reid Matthews and Jack Pride in Calgary earlier this month, the dynamic between the two has been consistently entertaining since Pride joined the PWA late last year. The split personalities of Jack and Pride have been at odds about Matthews since the get-go; where Pride only sees the Thickness as competition, Pride has been adamant throughout the buildup to this match that he simply won’t fight Matthews at all. With the added tension between Zoë Sager and Gigi Rey certain to boil over throughout the matchup, it’ll be interesting to see how Pride handles standing across from Matthews for the first time.
  • Please feed Michael Allen Richard Clark vs Brandon Van Danielson directly into my veins, please. Two of the best professional wrestlers in Canada facing off one-on-one. If that’s not enough to convince you, are you really even a wrestling fan?
How to Watch:

Tickets for tonight’s PWA Fruition event can be purchased in advance through Variant Edition Comics & Graphic Novels at 10132 151 Street in Edmonton. Advance tickets are also available through any of the PWA’s social media channels or contacting promoter Kurt Sorochan directly.

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